Monday, January 23, 2012

I Don't Know About This, Guys...

I've had something on my mind for a while lately that I'm hesitant to post to Facebook, simply because of the misunderstandings that can occur and the gazillion unnecessary "OMG Congrats!" and "likes" it would receive. So I turn to the trusty (and sometimes neglected) blog for my insane ramblings. So here goes.

We have been talking about when it would be most convenient to have another baby. (Gasp! Shock! Awe! Wonder!) Turns out we have been blessed as a pretty fertile couple and the moment we even say the word "pregnant," we are. Which is super cool in my book.

So yeah. It has been coming up in recent conversation. About two months ago, I said we were THINKING about talking about having another baby. And I think we have stepped forward and are now TALKING about an addition. But no rush. A lot of things need to happen first. Like health insurance. And extending our lease vs buying vs finding another house come September (even though I may have to be dragged out of here kicking and screaming because I NEVER want to leave). And having a fully potty-trained Kaylee. So yeah. Things need to happen first before anything serious takes place. But that's not what has me all shaken up.

What has me all shaken up is one word: Multiples.

Could you even IMAGINE twins? I didn't really ever think about it much. That is until every other person I know is popping them out. Seriously. It's like an epidemic. A cute, sweet, wonderful epidemic. But still. And I'm not exaggerating. First names of everyone I know who has had or will be having twins recently: Jennie, Beth, Sarah, Robin, Beth, and Amber. And those are just the ones that I know of.

That's twelve babies. Between 6 girls. That's a soccer team and mascot birthed by a basketball team and mascot. And that's just BONKERS.

Now to all of those new and to-be moms of twinners, you are AMAZING women! But quite frankly, you scare me! And so do your babies!

So to summarize: I've had babies on the brain lately. Or, I guess in the back of my mind. And when every third person I know Is having twins, it scares me a bit. And I hope that if I put this fear out into the universe, I will be pleasantly surprised to find out I will be having only one baby in the next one to two years.

Thanks for reading the rantings of a crazy person. Please enjoy these complimentary and totally random pictures from my iPhone.

Friday, January 13, 2012


Winter finally decided to join us here in Upstate New York. Sad for me, but all sorts of exciting for the little'uns.

I have a video, but I don't think I can upload it from my phone. So you get pictures instead. The kids wanted to go outside, so once they suited up, they ran right out. Well, the waddled best they could in their new snow suits they got for Christmas.

So Logan almost immediately plopped down and started making a snow angel and Kaylee just laughed and squealed. Then "snow ball" making ensued, followed by a good ten minutes of exploring.

The whole trek outside probably took 18 minutes (about the time it took to get them bundled up in the first place) which is about what I expected. By the time they came in, their hot coco was the perfect temperature and they got to tell me all about playing in the snow.

And I had to pretend I wasn't watching them from the back door the entire time, grinning from ear to ear :)