Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I've been rearranging a lot lately. I get bored, so I move furniture, I put up new pictures, I buy new throw rugs.

So my latest conquest has been our bedroom. The layout is a touch annoying...there is only one logical place to put the bed. And the bed has been there for over a year. So I got creative.

The head of the bed now rests against the window.

Crazy? Perhaps. I wasn't sure if I would like it. But as it turns out, I have found many little perks that make the new bed location just that much better.

For one, there is the symmetry of the night stands, wall outlets, and lighting that we've never had before.

Two, Zac and I like to be cold when we sleep. So having our heads by the windows that we can open and let in. a brisk night breeze is fantastic. Which also leads me to

Three- along with the "liking to be cold" thing, there is nothing I dislike more than a hot pillow. So with the two pillows I have, I can keep one next to the window which chills it very well. So when I wake up, as I do frequently, I can swap out my warm, slept on pillow for a "Chillow," if you will. Ask my brother-in-law, Matt, about that one. I think he copyrighted the phrase :)

This evening, I just found another bonus to being close to the window. The window sill now houses my water bottle throughout the night, keeping it chilled like it came right out of the fridge. With the convenience of not having to travel to the kitchen.

Best idea I've had in ages.

p.s.- I know the red curtains don't match. I'm working on that ;)

September/October iPhone Photo Dump...

A trip to the children's museum, riding the carousel, painting pumpkins, eating gelato and other delicious treats, and the "Guitars and Stars" concert with Momma Steele (where I got to see Lonestar and Martina McBride...and like 3 other country singers I don't know, but liked anyways!). It's been an eventful 4 weeks.