Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Back From Vegas...

Yep! We're home! We got the chance to go to Las Vegas this last weekend for Zac's cousin's wedding. It was really nice to get away...even for a few days. We stayed with Zac's cousin, Rachelle, so a shout-out to her for her hospitality! It was great to stay with family...especially with cousins who adored Logan! The only problem we had staying there was with Rachelle's two dogs. Logan is terrified of small dogs and Daisy and Rudy are both Shih Tzus...so that didn't go over too well. That was until he figured out how to set off their invisible fence collars. He started chasing them around the house shocking them and laughing. Then who was terrified of who?

(We still don't have a working cable to our camera, so I can't upload any of MY pictures...so I stole these from cousin Kate. But I took one of them with her camera, so I totally have the rights to that one :-))

Anyways, Will and Tabitha's ceremony was nice...and the decor for the reception was BEAUTIFUL! And the food was delicious. A good time was had by all. Especially by Logan who never knew that big people food could be dipped in a chocolate fountain and made to be 8,000 more times delicious.

After the reception, we put Logan to bed and headed down to the Strip. We went to the M&M factory, the CocaCola store, and watched about an hour of the Bellagio water show...OF COURSE!!!! We walked through the MGM Grand and I lost a dollar to a slot machine. But it was still fun!

So yeah...a good weekend. But I'm off to bed...early aerobics tomorrow!!! And again, I promise pictures as soon as we have a way to get them on the computer!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Rachel Is Funny...

So I take a step-aerobics class with my neighbor, Rachel, on Monday and Wednesday mornings from 6-7 and Saturday mornings from 9-10. It's kicking my butt, but in a good way.

Anyways, this morning on our way back from class, we saw the two new sister missionaries in our quad. They are adorable. Thus our funny exchange:

Rachel: Those sisters are so cute.
Me: They are super cute. What are they doing in Provo? They should be in Europe or something.
Rachel: What are they doing on a mission?: They should be MARRIED or something.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Family Foto Friday...

Wow. It's been a week since I posted. And I just realized that last Friday I put up a picture of Liz and Savannah so that totally counts as a Family Foto Friday post. Even though I didn't label it as one.

So anyways, since the cable for our camera is still broken and I still have to use my phone to take and send all pictures, I had this one on my phone from when Jaylene visited a few weeks ago. All she wanted was to snuggle up with Logan on the couch and have him fall asleep in her arms. On her last night here, he decided to grant her that. So here's the sweetest picture of the two of them just snuggled up on the couch. Hooray for family!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

I Love These Girls...

Yep. This post is for two of the cutest sister-in-laws ever. They're precious. Savannah called me and wanted to hang out (mainly because her date had to postpone, but whatever...) so she came over and we walked down to the library. Then we ran into Liz who was just about finished with work so we waited for her and the three of us (an Logan) got ice cream and walked home. We chatted and gossiped and laughed. A lot. I love Love LOVE having sisters in my life finally! *MWAH*

Monday, September 8, 2008

"I Tag"...

Another one of those silly tags. But I still think they're fun...

* I usually: play backgammon every night before bed.
* I search: random blogs to keep me entertained.
* I wonder: if I am a good mom.
* I regret: not going to see Gary the weekend before he died.
* I love: my family.
* I care: about the presidential election this year.
* I always: want to eat out. No dishes.
* I worry: about loosing loved ones.
* I am not: a tidy housekeeper.
* I remember: things in threes. It's weird.
* I believe: in karma.
* I dance: like an idiot. So I try not to.
* I sing: all the time. Especially while listening to my ipod and doing dishes. It's embarrassing.
* I don't always: take off my makeup before bed.
* I argue: when I'm right and the other person is wrong. So a lot.
* I write: every day for my creative writing class.
* I win: Guillotine. Always. And Settlers of Cattan most of the time.
* I lose: a lot of hair on a daily basis.
* I wish: I could play the piano.
* I listen: to all sorts of music. Currently, Imogen Heap radio on Pandora.
* I don't understand: advanced math. Or why people learn it.
* I can usually be found: in the JFSB basement. Or in the kitchen.
* I am scared of: spiders.
* I need: Zac in the house when I fall asleep.
* I am happy: because I have the best husband and the cutest baby EVER.
* I tag: Rachel W, Dani W, and Marie B!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ok,One More Post Before Homework...

So I have this blog that I'm fascinated with. It's a 20-something Asian girl that lives in New York City and has some sort of career that gets her in with fashion designers and rappers and random other up-scale people and places. She smiles kind of weird and ALL of her posts are things I really don't care about, but I still find it interesting and she's on my google reader, none the less. But this post caught my attention. I love the caption at the bottom, "FYI- Michelle Obama's pick for her appearance on The View? A $148 number from mass chain White and Black." Holy Cow!!!

Ouchy Day For Logan...

Poor Kid. He really beat himself up today! We got up around 7:15 this morning, which seems to be Logan's new trend. I am not a fan of it, personally, but it's when he has decided to wake up so I just go with it. So we got up, had a bottle, and he got down to play while I laid down on the couch and indulged in some Today Show while I woke up. Well Logan decided to go play with the bathroom door...also a new favorite thing. It's usually closed and being half asleep, I didn't think much of it. That was until he started screaming bloody murder. So I ran to the bathroom to find Logan's two smallest toes wedged between the bottom of the door and the bathroom floor. Poor baby! He was fine, but it obviously hurt and/or scared him and he was really sad for a few minutes. Well, the day went on. I went to class, he and Zac played on the playground, he took a nap, etc, etc, and then I got home and sat with Zac on the couch for a few minutes before he had to leave and head down to school. While we were chatting, Logan went to his room to play. Well a few minutes later, we heard a huge *BANG* followed by the most horrendous screams ever. We both dashed to Logan's room to find him on the floor between his rocking horse and the wall. We can't be sure exactly of what happened, but he ended up hitting his head really hard on, what we can only assume, was the cinder block wall. I took a picture, but it was with my cell phone so it's not very clear.

He now has a bump on his forehead a little bit bigger than the size of a quarter. It's reddish and quickly turning purple with little spots of blood under the skin. It's the saddest thing I've ever seen!!!! But clearly, he's over it!

In other news, school is going well so far. In a nutshell, my Writing for Children class is going to be fun...I'm expected to write 70 pages of a manuscript by the end of the semester and if it's any good, my teacher will put us in contact with her agent and/or publishers. SWEET! And my Short Story class...well, my teacher has a hook. An honest to goodness hook. I keep staring at it. I really should stop that. And then my History of Creativity class doesn't start till next Monday, but since it's the same teacher from last semester, I don't expect anything different.

Zac's classes are going to be tough this semester. I think he's going to be taking like 17 or 18 credits which is hard on any art major. It's not just classes that will be taking up a ton of time, but his projects this year are really important for his portfolio so I have a feeling I won't be seeing him much. He's going to be spending a TON of time in the animation lab. But oh well. We're almost done, right?

I guess that's all for now. Other than the Republican National Convention just ended. But I'll leave my political feelings off of the blog for now. But be forewarned, strong opinions are on the way!