Sunday, December 23, 2007

2 Whole Years...

Wow!!! I can't believe it, but it was two years ago today that Zac and I were married!!! A lot has changed in the past few years...some not so happy things like sudden deaths of Uncle Gary and Mary Therese, and some spectacular things like Zac being accepted into the BYU animation program and the birth of our son. But through it all, we've only grown closer, stronger, and happier as a couple and I think we'd both agree that life is nothing but wonderful now that we're sharing it together.

Ok, ok, enough sappiness. I have to finish up because we're leaving for the airport in the next hour!!!! I can't believe that we'll be in NY tomorrow morning! And if I don't post while I'm there, please forgive me. I'll make up for it with pictures of Logan's first Christmas as soon as I'm back. Well, love you all, take care, and see you New Yorkers in about 12 hours!!!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

4 Days and Counting...

Until Christmas, that is. Only 2 days until we leave. WOAH....when did THAT happen??? Christmas really snuck up on me this year. Snuck? Sneaked? Whatever.

I was watching tv while I was babysitting for a couple in our ward this evening and I saw a Macy's commercial that stated "Only 4 more days to shop!" and I was like, "SERIOUSLY?!?!?!" and had to check my calendar. I don't know where the time went. I'm glad my shopping was done back in November...otherwise I'd be in trouble. I've been so caught up in writing papers and stressing about finals the past two weeks that I wasn't really paying attention to the date. I mean it's already the 21st!!!!!!! Which also makes me realize something else...6 months ago today I was giving birth! I can't believe how fast the time has gone. I know it sounds cliche, but it's true!

Our Little Guy...6 whole months ago!

Happy Family!!!

So all of my finals are over and I've got pretty good news to report. My written Spanish final was better than I expected. I was hoping for a mid-70 and I somehow managed to swing an 88!!! And my Spanish oral went just about the same, with an 87. And now I never have to worry about that crazy language ever again! I feel really good about my American Novel final...despite the fact that it was at 7:00 am yesterday and I only got 3 hours of sleep before hand. And then my crowning glory...Book of Mormon. I literally aced the final. A whopping One Hundred Percent. 100/100. Can't get any better than that!!!!

Well, I have some serious cooking to go do. Last year, we didn't make anything for any of our neighbors. I don't know why...maybe I was being a Bah Humbug. But this year we received a bunch of treats from a lot of our neighbors that we have grown closer to this past year. So I feel like I should show some love and appreciation toward them, as well! Chocolate covered pretzels and some homemade butter mints should do the trick! So once I put some Gloria Estefan Christmas music on, I'm off to the kitchen. "TTFN!"

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Steele Look-alike Meter...

So I should be studying for my Book of Mormon final that I'm planning on taking tomorrow, but alas, I am not. Instead, I'm fooling around online. And while I was looking at our friend's blog, I saw this nifty little "Look-Alike Meter" and just had to try it out. Since Logan was born, even up till today, I have no idea where Logan gets his looks from. I don't think he looks like either one of us, but my friend Theresa swears he is a perfect balance of the both of us. She says she can see and I equally in him. So when I saw this cute thing on our friend's blog, I thought I'd try it out and see what it said. On her blog, it said her son looked more like her, which I totally agree with. So I tried it with our pictures. Three different times. And every single time, it ended up saying Logan looks equally like both of us. Go figure!!!

MyHeritage: Celebrity Collage - Free genealogy

It's fun. You should try it out. You have to create an account (like you have to do with everything fun online these days) but it only takes a few seconds. And it provides a lot of entertainment. have I not brought this up? WE'LL BE FLYING HOME IN ONE WEEK!!!! Like this time next week, we will be checked into the airport, waiting to board our plane. We're excited!!!! Well, i think I'm gonna try and study a bit before Logan wakes up to eat. Love you all!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Another one bites the dust...

Another semester, that is! We finished classes today and the Fall Semester of 2007 is now in the past. Well, we still have finals. No, correction... I still have finals. So this next week is going to be a little rough. I have a Spanish written final on Saturday (I know, SATURDAY. How outrageous is THAT!?). Then I have a religion final Monday and then I'm tutoring for that same final later that afternoon. Tuesday is my
Spanish oral final (blah) and then I get a break on Wednesday. Following that much needed respite, I have my last final for my American Novel 7:00 AM Thursday. Again I say, how outrageous is THAT!? Oh well. Then, thankfully, I'm done.

So you may be wondering what my reference is to that I am the only one with finals this week. Well, now that Zac has been officially accepted into the Animation program, he plays on computers during his classes and turns in pretty pictures for his finals. Ok, ok, I don't give him enough credit. He works really hard. And he's super talented...I couldn't even begin to TRY to do what he does. So these are two of his final images he had to turn in for one of his classes. Basically, he's awesome.

If you click on the images, you can see them in better detail. Zac can explain the actual process to you, but he basically drew the dragonfly, then drew it again in a program on the computer. Then he works with lighting and shading and textures and colors to make it 3-D and makes it look like a photo. From the designs on the dragonfly to the shape and size of the blades of really is phenomenal. My husband is so talented!!!!

So other than the semester being over, not much else to tell. I'm sick again, but that's not new. It seems that it happens A LOT these days. I think Logan is stealing all of my antibodies. And...hmmm... Oh! Zac's Aunt Pam and Uncle Mike are in town this week, so they took us, Liz, Savannah, and Matt out to dinner at the Brick oven. It was really good!!! Nothing beats a good salad bar and homemade root beer for this girl. And Logan just loves being the center of attention. It was the first time he met his Great-Aunt Pam and Great-Uncle Mike. I have a feeling he likes them.

Well, only 10 days till we leave! And 11 till we're home! It's coming up so fast...we can't wait.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Well, we FINALLY decorated our tree. It's been up for two weeks with just the lights on, but now it has ornaments. Whoo! After Church, we came home and had a nice Turkey dinner. The home teachers came over, then when Logan woke up from his nap, we set to decorating the tree. Well, it was more like Zac played his annoying computer game, Logan hung out under the tree and tried to eat the ornaments, and I decorated, but whatever.
Then we spent about ten minutes trying to get a family picture. The camera has a self-timer, so Zac and Logan sat in front of the tree, I'd set the 10-second timer, then I'd run over to the tree. The flash would get ready to go and just as the picture took, Logan would look at me instead of the camera. This happened 4 times. Then, since it's a terrible camera, the batteries died. So after a battery change, we tried it again. Then, SUCCESS!

So after that fiasco, we popped in "A Charlie Brown Christmas," and sent Logan off to bed with visions of sugar plums and all that jazz. So we're going into our last week of classes!!! Only four more days!!! For me, that means 2 English classes, 2 religion classes, and 4 dreaded Spanish classes. And Zac's lecture classes are pretty much he just goes in to finalize his projects. For his 3-D class, his assignment is to make an animated bug. It's a really cool dragonfly! Hopefully when he's done, I can publish an image on the blog. Well, we're curling up to watch a movie, so I'm done writing for now. And we'll be in NY in 2 weeks!!!! Can't wait!!!!

Monday, December 3, 2007

"A Hard Day's Night..."

That's a song title, right? The Beatles, I think. Well that's pretty much the last 24 hours in a nutshell. Logan woke up every one and a half to two hours last night. We gave him Tylenol at like 3 and that was his longest stretch of sleep...till a whopping 5:30. And when Logie doesn't sleep, neither does mommy. Even if she has a huge Spanish test the next day (it kicked my trash, by the way). So the day wasn't much better. Everything went wrong, from not having time to eat lunch (and having to bum a piece of pizza from my bestest friend, Marie), to probably failing my Spanish test, right down to ripping my NEW jeans on a stupid desk. This whole next week is going to be rough. I can tell. I'm behind reading in my English a whole book and a half. I have four papers due by Friday. I took my one test today, so that only leaves three more this week. I forgot how much school can suck this time of year. All the teachers are trying to cram one more big thing in before the final. I hope they all rot. Ok, not all. Just most.

So yeah. Logan is being a pill. But it's not his fault, it's the teething thing. So he decided to tell you all about it in this little video. I hope it gets some laughs. The best part is that he puts his thumb exactly where the tooth is coming in! Priceless.

Well, I have papers to write and tests to study for. I'll write again later this week, if I survive!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Let it Snow...

So I've been keeping an eye on the weather forecast for the past few weeks. It has been so nice here (like 65 and sunny every day) that I knew it was just too good to last. And seriously, for the past month or so it has been picture-perfect outside. It was like the calm before the storm...I just knew it. So finally on Friday, the good old Weather Lady, Jodi Saeland from Fox 13, broke the news to me. And not to expect it in inches, but feet. Grrr. But it's usually how it happens around here. Not steady accumulation like back just dumps on us here, sticks around for a few days, melts, then dumps on us all over again.

So Logan and Daddy and I got to go play outside in it for a while yesterday. As usual, Logan was unimpressed. He's such a sweet boy! Then we came inside and his cheeks were all rosy, so Zac went nuts with the camera. Yeah...our crappy camera which needs to be replaced by Santa this year. Which I believe I already hinted at. *Wink wink* Anyways...

That was about it. For our outside adventure, at least. Other things from this past week: I was really sick. It was a terrible cold which just kept getting worse, topped off by a fever on Friday night. It was a whopping 101.4. So I slept on the couch with the fan on all night. I felt better Saturday, so a friend from my Spanish class ( should check out her blog, too, if you have time. It's super cute) hooked us up with babysitting and Zac and I got to go out on a date. WHOO!!

But back to the sick thing. Logan got it, too. But he never came down with a fever, which I was really thankful for. He's going through enough already. Which reminds me that I haven't posted this yet, but LOGAN'S GETTING HIS FIRST TOOTH! We noticed it Thursday night. It's his top right one (which is weird because they are supposed to come in on the bottom first. But that's my son!) and it's just barely breaking through. But it's definitely there. You can even see it in this picture if you look closely!

Lastly, Logan had peas for the first time this week. He's still not sure whether he likes them or dislikes them, but I'm sure we'll know next week when we try squash or carrots or something more appealing. After all, I hate I can't blame him either way! Well that's all for now. I can't believe we'll be home in only 3 WEEKS!!!!!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Family, Fun, and Guns...

We made it back from Idaho! And we had a GREAT time. So here's the rundown of the weekend:

Thursday we woke up and started right in on Food prep...after all, we had like 30+ people to feed. I was in charge of rolls and used Grandma Myrtle's recipe. But I had to double it. And I lost track of how much yeast I put in, so after the rising time was up, the dough was over-flowing. It was AMAZING. But they turned out perfectly. So there's a picture of that. And there is also a picture of me eating, that's right, SQUASH. Just for you, Grandpa! And I didn't even have water yet to chase it down! Go me!!! Then, after dinner, in true Idaho fashion, we went outside and shot clay pigeons with some sweet shotguns. I even got to shoot a little!!! It was a ton of fun!

Friday was amazing. Well, Thursday night was! We went to Best Buy at 8:30 Thursday night. And camped out until it opened at 5 am. Logan got to stay all toasty warm in the van with a bunch of people watching movies. He didn't even seem phased by the whole experience. But we got some really spectacular deals and we only have one more person to buy for and our shopping is DONE!!!!! So then we came home and slept most of Friday afternoon. Zac's Aunt Jan was great...she watched Logan while I got to sleep for a few hours.

Then Saturday, we headed out at 7:30 am so we could be back for the "Holy War" football game between BYU and our super-evil rivals, The University of Utah. BOOOO, Hissss. So we made it home and watched the Cougars kick some serious Ute butt. After all, you can't spell suck without the U!!!! Hahaha...losers.

Well, all in all, Logan had a great first Thanksgiving. Love you all tons!!!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Turkey Day all!!!!! Well, since we're in Idaho, I don't have any pictures to upload yet, but I will as soon as I get a free second back in Provo. The food was amazing...and my rolls kicked some serious butt! And we're headded off to stand in line for several hours for Black Friday shortly, so I've got to run. I'll post soon!!! Hope you all had a great day!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Promises, Promises...

So here's that video I promised. It's Logan eating for the first time! And I know it was like a month ago, but still. Here it is.

Aside from's Turkey Week!!!! Which actually means a lot of things. 1. We only have classes 2 days this week! 2. We're stretching our stomaches in preparation for T-Day. 3. I'm searching for Great Grandma Myrtle's Roll Recipe. 4. We're planning our Black Friday Shopping by searching through ad after ad. And 5. We're getting ready to trek up to Idaho!!!!

So the class thing: Tomorrow is actually a "Friday Instruction Day," which basically means Zac doesn't have class at all and that I have my American Novel class. I was supposed to have Spanish, too, but some how, our class talked our teacher out of it and she's giving us the day off. WHOOOO!!! The stretching the stomach thing: I made a fabulous pot roast today. I mean FAB-U-LOUS! The Grandma Recipe thing: I know I have it in a cook book somewhere. And I've heard rumors it's on the Frasier Family Website, but I don't really know the web address. So any help there would be appreciated. I'm sure black Friday shopping will have a post all of it's own, so we'll leave that for now. And Idaho...I'm really excited for this trip! We had such a good time last year. It will be different with the baby and all, but I'm still looking forward to it!

And last but not least, Logan now owns some pretty cute church outfits. Dani and I were sick and tired of all the cute, frilly girl dresses so we made a little trip to Burlington Coat Factory and spoiled our boys. They are 6-9 month suits, but the shirts are almost too small already. He has adorable clip-on ties, too. He's sooo cute I can't stand it.

Well, I've rambled on enough for now. Love you and miss you all!!! Only 34 days 'til we come home!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Worried Mommy...

I didn't want to be that know, the one who freaks out at everything and takes her child to the doctor's office at the slightest hint something is wrong. So I put up with his screaming fits for a week. I took his temperature and he didn't have a fever for the whole week. But today when he refused to eat pretty much the entire day, I decided to call. I talked to a nurse, hoping she'd just tell me he was fine and not to worry, but she thought I should bring him in just to get his ears and throat looked at. So I did. And nothing is wrong. His ears looked great and his throat wasn't red enough to be concerned about. The doctor's best guess is that he's just in the early stages of teething. So I felt like a moron for taking him in, but I guess it's peace of mind and we know he's not sick.

So I just thought I'd post that, along with some adorable pictures from the last few days. Logan's new favorite toy is my old cell phone. Well, really, his favorite toy is my current phone, but so far he can't tell the difference so I give him the old one to slobber all over. And in the picture where it's up by his ear, it wasn't staged. He actually did that. SOOO CUTE! And the Mountain Dew one, well, what can I say? He is my son, after all!

And lastly, I've gotten a few emails about what to get Logan for Christmas. Honestly, he would be impressed with a box and some tissue paper. But apparently people actually want to get him stuff, so on the top left-hand side of this web page is a link to Logan's Wish List on We don't necessarily want/need the stuff from Amazon specifically, it was just a nice organized way to find all the stuff he (we) wanted. Most of them are books and movies Zac and I grew up loving and we would love to have for our own children. You wanted to know what to get, so there are some ideas. And clothes are always great!!!!

Well, I need to finish reading "All The King's Men," so that's it for now. Love you all!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Home and a Haircut....

So new stuff: I cut all my hair off!!!! It's so much fun. I actually style it again, which I'm sure makes my husband happy. And it makes me feel great, being all attractive. Or as attractive as I can get!!! there is a picture of me with the cutest baby in the whole world, pre-haircut, and one of my new short 'do!

More new stuff: (Integrated with kind of crappy stuff): We found out a few weeks ago that Zac's brother, Matt, and his wife, Erin, were expecting a baby in May. So the crappy stuff...they had a miscarriage. It was so sad, but it really made me realize how blessed I was to be able to carry and deliver my beautiful baby boy with no problems (other than his stubborn lateness...).

And even more new stuff: Zac and I were planning on staying in Utah for Christmas, seeing as how we couldn't afford the $450 round-trip tickets home...yep, $450 EACH. That's what they were selling for when Jaylene bought tickets for Liz and Savannah almost a month ago. Then Matt ended up calling her, saying that tickets went down to $300 and that he and Erin were going home, too. Upon further inspection, they realized that the tickets Matt got were for the SAME exact flight as Liz and Savannah's. So that left Zac and me all alone here for Christmas (with the possibility of my parents flying out). So Jaylene, thinking solely of her grandson, I'm sure, called me up and informed me of the drop in price. Still, $600 was not in our budget this Christmas. So Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to us...the Steeles decided to get our tickets for us! WE GET TO COME HOME FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! We're super excited!

So I guess that's all for now...take care and we'll see you NEXT MONTH!!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sad Baby...

Clearly, Logan has been fussy lately. No, I'm being generous. Logan had been VERY UPSET lately. He has been going through screaming fits and doesn't know what to do with himself. The first time it happened was Monday, I think. He woke up at 2:30 am and screamed for about 45 minutes. He wouldn't nurse or take his binky. He just freaked out. So Tuesday morning came way to early for all three of us. I felt really bad for Zac...he had to get up at 7 for his 8:00 class. And then most of that day was spent crying and screaming. He was great for Aunt Savannah, though, while we were in class. Then as soon as I picked him up and headed home, he started crying again.

He slept somewhat better Tuesday night...he didn't wake up screaming until 8:00 am. Then he was fine until I left for class and was very sad while he stayed with his daddy. Wednesday evening was rough until he went to sleep, exhausted from all the screaming. Thursday was fine...until I left him with a sitter and had a girl's night out with Dani and Holly. Dani's cousin Lauren (and extremely attractive friend Eric) watched Logan and Dani's son, James. Apparently, Logan was an angel for the first 20 minutes while he slept. Then he screamed for them most of the rest of the time. I felt awful, but oh well.

Friday seemed to go ok...I took a mental health day and spent time with Logan (and Dani and James, again!). He was great. And today went well...even when Zac and I went to the movies and he spent time with Aunt Liz. He's a bit cranky now, but it's getting close to bath/bed time anyways. So I better sign off and get him all taken care of. Hugs and kisses to all!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Laughing Logan...

Yay!!! The video works!!! So here it is. Sorry it's really dark, but we were getting ready for bed. Also our camera kind of stinks. But hopefully we'll get a new one from Santa for Christmas (hint hint).

So here it is!!! Enjoy, and laugh along!!!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!!

Happy Halloween all!!!!

So I tried posting the other day, but the video wouldn't upload and I think it deleted my post. Maybe it was saved...I'm not sure. I'll look when I'm done writing this one. So Logan enjoyed his first Halloween...I think. He didn't complain at all, so I'm assuming it was a good time. We went to a costume party at our friends' (Mat and Dani) so we got all dressed up. I was Dorothy, Zac was the Scarecrow, and Logan made his starring appearance as the Lion. He was super cute. Especially after he was donned with eyeliner on his nose. I couldn't resist. I think he was a little embarrassed to be wearing makeup, but when we got to the Williams' house, he found out his friend James had a Snoopy nose of eyeliner, too, so it was all good.

So his Lion costume was a hit and he had a great time playing with all the other babies.

The other post that I never published talked all about his first experience with Rice Cereal. That was also a hit. He loves that stuff so much, he can't get it into his mouth fast enough. The video is pretty funny...I hope I get a chance to get it on the web page soon.

Oh! Another thing! I don't know what got into him the other night, but the boy could not stop laughing. He thought everything was soooo funny. I caught some of it on video, but the video quality isn't the greatest. It was dark because we were getting ready for bed, but you can still hear his hysterical laughter perfectly. HOWEVER, I can't get it to upload. GRRR...Sorry, I don't have time to figure it out tonight. But I promise it will be up soon (along with the eating one!!!)

Love you all!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Our Monday Post for Christine...

So our good friend Christine decided I need to post every Monday form now on. And I told her that I would try. Don't hold your breath...but I'll try. Logan has his 4 month well-baby check-up tomorrow, so I'll definitely be posting after that, but for now, this is whats up: Logan is laughing all the time. Eventually we'll get it on video. It's probably the cutest thing EVER.

Also, I finally got the Classic Pooh mobile I wanted from Target. I've wanted this thing for ever and I finally got it for his crib. And the best part: He LOVES it!!! He'll sit there and watch it until it stops. It's adorable AND it keeps him entertained. God Bless those people at Target.

So lastly, Logan is babbling all the time now, too. He's quite the chatter box and he comes up with the most interesting stories. So here's a video of that. Well, love you all and miss you even more!!!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Local Color...

The leaves are changing, the air is getting cooler, the baby is getting bigger...but that's about all that's really happening. Today was a nice lazy Sunday. It was Stake we spent most of the day in pajamas. However, it was nice enough for a walk this evening, so we took some pictures down at the park. Then, since it was getting cold on the way home, we had to put Logan's new sheep-skin slippers on (Thanks Grandma Bev!!!!!)
So that's all. Just enjoying our time together as a family today!!!! And wishing we were with all of you, too!!!!

Monday, October 8, 2007


So I lost the camera charger. AGAIN. I know, I know, I suck at life. So these pictures are from our good friends, Mat and Dani. Their son, James, is 2 months older than Logan and they are BEST FRIENDS!!! So we all went to the homecoming parade together. I don't think the babies enjoyed it as much as we did, but it was still fun. I don't know why there were Storm Troopers in the parade, but Mat and Zac and the babies ran out to get their pictures taken. And the one looks like he is going to steal Logan...hahaha!!

OH! ALSO!!!! As of Saturday (during General Conference) Logan can roll over from back to front!!!! He still hates being on his tummy so when he rolls over, he gets mad and rolls onto his back again, but he can now roll a full 360 degrees. And when I find the charger, I'll post a video. He's getting SOOOO big! I can't believe it!

Well, take care, wherever you're reading from! Love you and miss you all!!!!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Still Nothing New...

So still nothing much happening here in good old Provo. Classes are going well, Zac's jobs are just fine, and the baby is as sweet as ever. There is literally nothing to report. But I had some videos that I thought would be entertaining. Logan has started blowing bubbles a lot, so there are 2 of that. And he has attempted sitting while being propped up, but as you can see in the video, it doesn't always last very long.

Hope all is well at home...or wherever you're reading from! Love you all!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Just Playing Around...

So no new news to report...other than school started. We kicked off the school year last Saturday when Logan attended his first Football game. The Cougars beat Arizona!!!! It was a great game. Logan slept through most of it, but he was really, really cute! He had a little blue baseball hat on (to keep out of the blazing hot sun) and hung out in his front-pack carrier. Naturally, we forgot to take pictures. But it was a lot of fun.

So school started a week ago. Classes are going well so far and so is the babysitting schedule. Aunt Savannah helps out on Tuesdays and Thursdays while Zac and I are both at class, and Aunt Liz will be taking an hour on Fridays so Zac can work. That only leaves one class for Logan to have to attend. We haven't tried it yet, but we'll see how it goes in a few days!

So while he's not on campus and cheering on his favorite football team, Logan spends most of his days developing his awesome smile and cute little laugh. So these are just pictures of him playing with his mom and a video with Daddy. He's so much fun! And gets more fun every day!!!!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Rolling over...

So he's been able to do this for weeks now, but again, I couldn't upload the video for a while. Also, he is laying on his very favorite quilt, made by his very favorite Aunt Jorden! It is the coolest quilt ever. And just today, when I was sitting outside with Logan and all the moms at our playground, I had it on my lap and one of the girls was like, "Holy cow, did you MAKE that?" and I said, "No, but my fourteen year old cousin did." (ps, Jordie, if you're not fourteen, my apologies. I had to restrain myself from saying you were 9 because that's what you are in my mind. You're my baby cousin!!!) So it was all the rage this morning. People were totally jealous :-) It really is an amazing quilt and we absolutely love it!!!!

And then Logan has finally found his fingers. He sucks on them all the time, especially when he's half asleep at night and he looses his pacifier. Or his "Binky" as Zac calls it. Well anyways, he sucks on his fingers so hard that it makes the loudest noises. We can hear it when he is in his crib and we are watching TV in the living room. It amazes me that he doesn't wake himself up doing it! So there are cute pictures of that :-)

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Bath Time...

So the other night (well, actually it was like 3 weeks ago because I couldn't find the usb cable to upload the pics from the camera to the computer...) I was feeding Logan and he let a huge poo out. The next thing I know, I felt warm and sure enough it was a massive blowout. So that preempted bath time and we thought we'd get it on video how much he actually LOVES his baths! Well, and his rubber ducky, of course.