Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Snapshots...

A preview of what's coming up this week!!!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Went to the doctor's on Monday. Took the glucose test. My blood sugar was way too high. So I had to go back yesterday for the "three hour" test.

Three hours my butt.

I stopped eating at 8:30 Monday night and made it in to the doctor's for my fasting blood sample which was 76 (80 being normal). Then I drank the nasty drink again and had my finger pricked a second time, an hour later. That time my sugar level was 177 and the normal is 120. So I had to go back a third time. This put me at 12:10 and I still hadn't eaten since the night before. At this point, I was irritated. And I didn't want my fingers poked anymore. But an hour later, they did it again. And my blood sugar should have been back down to 105. It only dropped two points to 175. Even for gestational diabetes the level should be about 165. So that was cool. the last finger poke was at 1:10. The nurse told me if my sugar hadn't stabilized to about 90, I would probably be diagnosed with gestational diabetes. So she poked my finger and guess what me blood sugar read? 42!!!!!

Which meant a few things. No gestational diabetes. A worried nurse and a worried doctor. A shaky me because I hadn't eaten in 16 hours. And a sleeve of Oreos given to me to munch on. Logan was a fan of that last one.

So yeah the nurse kind of freaked and said, "that can't be right...hang on while I get the doctor." So the doctor (not my doctor, but a doctor in the practice)comes in and says, "are you feeling alright? Because a level that low would make most of us pass out." So I held up my hands and I was shaking a lot. And I was feeling a little hot and dizzy. So she gave me the Oreos and made me hang out in the waiting room for a while before I left. She didn't want me driving :-) She also wanted to test my sugar again but I pretty much refused to have my poor swollen fingers touched again. And after telling the nurse I hated her, I don't think she was willing to poke me again.

After about 20 minutes I felt better, so Logan and I got in the car and headed home. And I ate a ton of animal crackers, baked salt and vinegar chips, and chicken salad. It was delicious. Hooray for crazy blood sugar! I'm expecting a call from my doctor in the next couple of days to figure out what's happening, if anything. And I'm starting my two-week baby appointments...I can't believe how fast this pregnancy seems to be going compared to last time!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!!

And wouldn't you know...I didn't get the camera out a single time today. Fail. But here's my favorite Easter picture:

And here's some pictures from last justification being that I never ended up posting them last Easter. Check it out. Wow I'm a slacker!!!!

So anyways, Easter was great. I sang in the church choir...we did an Easter Cantata. And the last two weeks during rehearsals, I kept tearing up during the last song entitled, "He is Risen." So I thought I could pull it together and sing straight through it during the Sacrament meeting, but no. The spoken part at the beginning was supposed to represent Mary Magdalen and it was this really beautiful part talking about how Mary went to anoint the body of the savior for burial and she was told that he wasn't there but that he was risen. It then wraps up by her saying "Surely this was the most glorious morning the world will ever know..." or something to that effect. Well, I thought I was keeping it together, but the girl doing the narration started crying, which got me crying, and I could hardly sing the song. So why was I blubbering? Well, forgive me for getting all churchy, but here it goes. Not only do I believe in the Resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ, but I truly know that it happened and that His sacrifice will bring the resurrection to all who have lived on this Earth. I know that I will see my friends and family that have passed away again someday. And I know that because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, I have the opportunity to live with them through the rest of Eternity. I am grateful for this knowledge and I love this beautiful holiday we have to celebrate this wonderful gift our Savior has given us!

Ok, end of churchy stuff. When we got home from church, Logan and Zac got to take naps while the Easter Bunny came and his their baskets. The Easter Bunny should have come last night, but the Easter Bunny was really tired and went to bed super early. So the Easter Bunny came this afternoon. Also while the boys were napping, I made scalloped potatoes, a cucumber-tomato salad, and fruit salad. And put the ham in the oven. Then the boys woke up, found their candy, and we called my family who were all at dinner at my parents' house. It was great to be able to talk to everyone at once :-)

After we wrapped up the phone conversation (during which Logan learned to say "Happy Easter"), I set the table and greeted Zac's brother, Jon, his sister Savannah, his other sister, Liz, her roommate Elisa (or "Jaleesa" if you're calling her by what Zac made up), and our friend, Chris. We had a nice dinner followed by Cheesecake, Liz's sweet rolls, and a lot of Tetris in the Wii and Katamari Damaci on the X-box.

It was really nice to be able to continue my tradition of hosting Easter was really hard for me when I first moved away from home to not have anywhere to go. Then after Gary passed away, I felt like I really needed to throw a big shabang to keep myself busy and surrounded by loved ones. So for the past few years I've tried to host a big get-together...I think this year was the smallest with only 7 people! But it was reasonable with me being all pregnant and tired, and I think we all had a pretty good time. Hope you did, too, wherever you're reading from!

Friday, April 10, 2009

I Think It's Over...

Well, last night was rough. We couldn't get Logan's fever down below 101 so he kept waking up and crying. About two hours after he went to bed, I checked on him to see how he was doing and I could see something dark all over him, his pillow, and his blanket. I turned on the hallway light and was able to see that it was blood. Every where.

So of course I freaked out, thinking he was coughing up blood. But once I washed off his face, I could tell it was just a bloody nose. So the bloody nose went on for a good hour, getting all over everything and everyone.

Once the nosebleed stopped, Zac and I brought Logan to bed with us where he proceeded to take up a good four square feet of the center of the bed...interesting, considering he is only like 32 inches tall. But he was sleeping well enough, so we dealt with it. With very little sleep. And the sleep I did manage to get was usually interrupted hourly by a tiny hand stroking my cheek. I'd wake up and look at Logan and he would whisper "Juice" in the sweetest, sickest little voice ever. It broke my heart. So I'd give him his juice and he'd fall back asleep.

Then this morning, when I came back into the bedroom after my shower, Logan was sitting up in our bed and said, "Hi Mama!" in the happiest voice ever. His fever was non-existent and he spent most of the day playing and catching up on all the energy he didn't use the last few days. It's good to have him back!

In other news...only 99 days to go till #2's due date!!!! That's less than 100!!! That's DOUBLE DIGITS, BABY!!!!!!!!!!!! Wheeeeee!!!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Homework, Doctors, and Hospitals, Oh My...

So last night while worrying about Logan, I forgot that I had astronomy homework due.
Fortunately, Zac's brother, Jon, texted me to ask if I had done it.
Unfortunately, he didn't text me until 11:30 and the homework is due by the end of the day Wednesday.
Fortunately, they don't actually collect the homework until Thursday mornings, so I got up super early and turned both mine and Jon's in before anyone knew the difference.

Then when I got home from running to campus, Logan had just woken up and was calling for me.
Fortunately, he wasn't wheezing anymore.
Unfortunately, his temperature was back up to 103 under his arm (meaning 104).
Fortunately, there was a nurse to talk to when I called the doctor's office.
Unfortunately, with Logan's history of pneumonia, she said I should bring him in as soon as possible.
Fortunately, there was an opening about an hour from then.

So I gave him more Motrin and we hung out on the couch watching Playhouse Disney until we left for the doctor's.
Fortunately/Unfortunately, Logan's fever didn't go down too much by the time we went back to the exam room. Fortunate for me so I didn't look like I was overreacting, but unfortunate for him...he was the one with the fever.
Fortunately, no ear infection or strep
Unfortunately,that meant something else was causing the fever.

Next stop was the hospital for chest x-rays to possibly confirm pneumonia again.
Unfortunately, being pregnant, I couldn't be in the room to hold him.
Fortunately, the chest x-rays were clean so it's not pneumonia.
Unfortunately, that means something else could be wrong, causing the poor little guy to have a 104 degree fever for more than 24 hours.

So the doctor said to keep him on Motrin/Tylenol to keep the fever down, but if it keeps spiking tomorrow, she would like to get some blood work done to rule out anything really serious.

This evening he was doing pretty well...he played with Zac while I was at class and was still in good spirits when I came home and brought Aunt Savannah with me. Then the Motrin started to wear off and his fever went back to 102.5 under his hour before I was supposed to be able to give him more. So he cuddled with Savannah while I did her taxes, then started falling asleep on her. So I pumped him full of more Motrin and we put him to bed.

We shall see what tomorrow brings...

Will It Ever End???

Logan is sick. Again. This morning he woke up with a terrible barking cough and by noon he had a temperature of 102.4 under his arm. So he took some Motrin and a three hour nap and started to feel better. He was still playing and being crazy Logan without too much cuddling, just with added wheezing. Then by 8:15 this evening he was passed out. Until 11:00 when he woke up sobbing (still with the cough and the wheezing) and his temp went back up to 103 under his arm. So I gave him more Motrin and he kind of fell back asleep...with a lot of tossing and turning.

(His first cold at 5 months)

For the better part of his entire life, Logan had been a super healthy kid. He had one cold and one ear infection his entire first year and a half of life. But since then, I swear he has been sick at least monthly. Cold after cold, fever after fever, two more ear infections, and pneumonia. Seriously...what did I start doing wrong???

So now I have this whole predicament. Fact: Logan gets sick fairly frequently. Fact: He often gets a pretty high fever (around 103 under his arm) for at least 24 hours. Fact: I hate taking him to the doctor only to have the doctor tell me, "give him fluids and use a humidifier in his room." Fact: Occasionally it is a good thing that I take him to the doctor's because he has ended up with ear infections and pneumonia before.

Well, there are the facts before when do I end up calling and making an appointment? I figured I'd give the fever 24 hours to break and if it doesn't, then I'll call. But I don't want something to be really wrong with him and let him be in unnecessary pain for too long. And at the same time, I don't want to be that mom who takes her kid to the doctor's every time he sneezes. So where's the balance? What makes me a good, responsible mom versus the hypochondriac?

Now that I'm graduating, maybe I should apply to med school and become a pediatric physician. Then I'll know.

Or not.