Saturday, January 26, 2013

"And I Miss You..."

Ugh. Sad post time. Seriously, don't read this if you're in a happy place.

So I had a good chat with Mary Therese this morning. It was quick because the kids were in the car. But I said hi, caught up on some life happenings, told her I missed her. Told her the anniversary of my Grandpa's death is just around the corner, too. But then I told her how that anniversary isn't as sad to me, because Grandpa had lived a long, full, happy life. No doubt hers had been happy, too. But not nearly as long as it should have been.

So then I got in the car and made my way back home and started cleaning the house, my Pandora radio station playing. And this song came on. And you all should know me well enough by now that when I hear a song that is applicable to whatever my current mood it, I latch onto it. But this one is a triple-whammy.

It's called "From Where You Are." Oy.
It's by Lifehouse (one of MT's favorite bands). Double oy.
When I watched the video, I found out it was produced by Allstate's Teen Safe Driver program and at the end, the video is dedicated to teens who have lost their lives in accidents and to all those who loved them.

Like I've said before...some anniversaries are happy; some are sad. And then there are those that make you want to hug your loved ones a little bit tighter.

Miss you, MT.