Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Bless This Mess Giveaway...

My friend, Melissa, has this insanely successful blog. Well, to be honest, everything she does ends up being pretty successful. I always go to her blog for recipes and inspiration on anything homey and domestic. And today, she happen s to be doing a giveaway that I would like to win. Check it out Here.

She asks what our idea of the "American Kitchen" is, and all I can think of is my family. My kitchen gives me the opportunity to show my family-- several times a day-- how much I love and care for them, because that is where I do. When I am cooking for them, nourishing them, and feeding them, I'm able to physically manifest how much I care for them.

Wish me luck in the fridge giveaway! And hey, enter for yourself! Because the only thing better than me winning would be for a friend to win!