Monday, July 21, 2008

Few and Far Between...

Sorry about my lack of posts. And pictures, especially. My parent's internet connection is sketchy at times and since their computer is dinosaur-ish, I'm afraid to upload any pictures for fear of crashing their system. And then losing my pictures. So I swear to have nice, long, picture-filled posts as soon as I get home (or my parents buy a new computer...). But basically, I'm having a good time in New York. Seeing family and friends has been great. Everyone loves the little guy. And the Hill Cumorah Pageant was spectacular (as are some of my pictures).

I'm going to the Kenny Chesney concert tomorrow!!! And Sonya's wedding seems right on track. However, some bad/scary stuff just caught up with us. In the last 24 hours Logan managed to get a bloody lip by banging his face into a coffee table at Zac's parents' house, bit his tongue and rolled off my parents' bed, and the worst fall by far: he fell off the counter in my parents' kitchen. But he is fine. I can't say the same for his great-grandpa, though. My grandpa Charlie fell of his bed this morning and fractured his hip. Blah. He had surgery this evening and seems to be doing ok. But, like I said, I'll blog more when I have time and a better connection!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Little Flying Angel...

Take it how you will, but that pretty much sums up my sweet boy on BOTH the flights from Salt Lake to New York last Wednesday. He was just delightful the entire time!!! We left Salt lake just before 11:00 Wednesday morning and had about a two and a half hour flight to Chicago. Logan kept himself busy unwrapping and playing with all of his new toys for the first two-ish hours. Then he had a snack and we read some books and he even made friends with the guy in the seat next to us. But then on our descent into Chicago, he flipped out. I think his ears just started hurting him too much (I know mine were!) and he started bawling. So I grabbed a blanket and nursed him for about 5 which point he fell asleep. And was dead to the world through the landing, the deplaning, a quick bathroom stop, and our journey from terminal B to terminal F of O'Hare. Then we spent the next two hours exploring the airport and getting our wiggles out before our last hour and a half to Rochester.

We were supposed to leave Chicago at 4:50, but our flight crew hadn't arrived from their other plane and we just kept waiting. I was starting to get slightly annoyed when it hit 5:20 and they still weren't there, until a tiny miracle occurred. Logan had the NASTIEST diaper in the world at about 5:28. That would have originally put us on the plane somewhere over Lake Michigan, I think. But, since the crew took forever, I had the opportunity to change him on a changing table in a full-sized bathroom with a proper waste receptacle. Hooray!

So once we were in the plane and on our way through the wild blue yonder, Logan was again on his very best behavior. He was so charming, in fact, that he had the two suited business men behind us playing peek-a-boo for about 20 minutes. Plus the nice lady in the seat next to us was like putty in his chubby little hands. He showed off all of his tricks and even sat on her lap for a while so I could enjoy my diet Coke with no interruptions.

So all in all, my first flying-solo-with-a-baby experience was wonderful. We'll see what happens on the way back to Utah in a few weeks, but for now the consensus is it's actually not bad at all!

Monday, July 7, 2008

4th Of July...

We had a really nice 4th this year. I was thinking of what we've done for America's Birthday since we've been married and, sad to say, it has been pretty uneventful. So uneventful, in fact, that I can only remember last year. We were flying home with a 13-day-old baby. And when I tell most people we flew over fireworks across the whole country, they are usually awed. But it's really not that cool...from 30,000 feet, fireworks just seem like tiny dots of color.

But this year was totally awesome in terms of fireworks. Well, the whole day was pretty much "tops" (that's for you, Savannah). We had a barbecue with some of our amazing neighbors. I marinated chicken overnight in our Chivetta's sauce and it was AMAZING. So after the chill lunch-time barbecue, Zac and I got to go out to the movies. We were a little sad because all of our babysitters have moved (Dani) or are out of state for the summer (Liz and Sav). But my cute friend Ashley came through and babysat so Zac and I went and saw Wall-e. It was ADORABLE!

So after the movie, we came home to a happy little baby who was totally geared up for some firework watching.
For those of you who have never spent the 4th of July in Provo, let me tell you. It's a huge deal. Provo hosts the biggest parade in the state...nay, the western half of the United States. People literally camp out over night on the side of the road to get a good seat. There's big balloons (like the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade balloons), floats, and your other typical parade stuff. And in addition to the parade, the BYU football stadium plays host to the annual "Stadium of Fire" which is basically an amazing concert followed by a decent fireworks display. This is also a huge deal. Last year American Idol winner Taylor Hicks was the headliner. This year, in addition to the Blue Man Group, was none other than Miley Cyrus (aka Hannah Montana) herself. Like I said, HUGE deal. But I digress...
So we wandered down toward the stadium to try and get a prime spot for firework viewing. This was difficult on many levels. First, there are lights everywhere (the joys of living in a city). Street lamps, parking lot flood lights, and traffic lights were hard to avoid. The second problem was that everyone in Provo had the same idea we did so there were people everywhere. But aside from that, we got down fairly close to the stadium. We even ran into some friends that we hung out with until the fireworks started. I was a little worried that we were so close...I thought the noise would freak Logan out. But much to my surprise, he just hung out on the blanket between us and watched the fireworks right over our heads. Didn't even flinch.

He fell sound asleep on the walk home and we called it a night. So Happy Birthday, America! Thanks for giving us a day off of work and an excuse to play with explosives!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Reason 5,456,828 Why I Love My Husband...

So I had a rough couple of days. Dani moved, we had some financial aid issues (all due to a keystroke error by someone in the financial aid office), Logan hasn't been sleeping well, and I'm coming down with a cold. Not to mention I'm going to be away from Zac for three whole weeks this month. So I was feeling rather blah. Zac got up with Logan and let me sleep in to try and make me feel better. And then, on top of that, I woke up to a beautiful bouquet of a dozen roses! Man, I love him!