Wednesday, August 1, 2012


That's the kind of day I'm having. A Crap-tastic one. It was so horrible, I stayed an extra hour and 15 minutes at work just so I could do the menial task of stuffing envelopes at my desk and not have to talk to or deal with anyone.

First of all, I'm tired. Like sleep-deprived tired. Because I get up every three hours to bottle-feed three orphaned kittens. (Thankfully I have a few nights of reprieve this week.)

Second, Kaylee is a moron. She does things that Logan never in a million years was dumb enough to do. Like coloring on the walls. Sure, Logan did it once, but he learned that you NEVER do that. Kaylee has done it like 5 times. But that's not what makes her extra dumb. What makes her extra dumb it that she shoved one of these up her nose this morning.

Yep. An orange pony bead. Right up the left nostril. Too far for me to get with my finger. Tried to go after it with tweezers (while frantically calling my mother-in-law....after all, she had 9 kids. She was bound to have experienced the situation before). But Zac finally worked it out by pushing it down from the outside.

And speaking of Zac, he is also on my crap list. Because who goes ahead and spends EIGHTHUNDREDFRIGGINGDOLLARSTHATWEDON'THAVE on a stupid tablet? HMMM??? I was under the impression that we were saving for a down-payment on a house, but apparently a tablet (which is a cross between a laptop and an iPhone...which we both have!!!!!) is a much more practical purchase.

AND THEN, Zac called to inform me that he was on his way home to take the kids so I could go grocery shopping alone. Great. Much appreciated. UNTIL I GOT HOME AND HE CALLED SAYING HE COULDN'T COME GET THEM. So now I'm home. With my two kids that are driving me crazy. With NO FOOD IN THE HOUSE AND NOI'MNOTGOINGTOTAKETHEMSHOPPINGWITHMEBECAUSEIWASTOLDIDIDN'THAVETOANDIFITAKETHEMWITHMEIMAYMURDERTHEM.

Tomorrow, all very well may be forgiven and there is a pretty good chance my angel children will return. But until then, I'm ready for a drink. Rant over.