Sunday, July 1, 2007

Videos, I think...

So I have been trying to post videos for ever. Ok, not for ever, but like a week. I finally asked for help...Thanks Marie!!! So everyone back home can now get a sneak-preview of baby Logan before we come home on THURSDAY!!!! Can't wait to see everyone!!!!!

So this is one I took in the hospital. Kind of boring, but he sneezes at the end and I think that is pretty darn cute.

And this one I caught while he had the hiccups...a daily occurrence. He hates them and gets upset now, but he didn't mind them so much then. He's just so awesome!!!

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Ben and Marie said...

Oh man he is so awesome! Its funny how such big sneezes come out of such little bodies! I thought that sneeze was gonna propel him! Cute cute cute. I'm bummed you're gonna be gone...but I know you're gonna be so loved on when you get home. Speaking of which...have you found anyone to take you to the airport? When do you leave? i dunno if Ben or I could but we can check with his brother if you're in dire need. I'm gonna hafta get the low-down on air travel with a baby once you've survived it!