Monday, July 21, 2008

Few and Far Between...

Sorry about my lack of posts. And pictures, especially. My parent's internet connection is sketchy at times and since their computer is dinosaur-ish, I'm afraid to upload any pictures for fear of crashing their system. And then losing my pictures. So I swear to have nice, long, picture-filled posts as soon as I get home (or my parents buy a new computer...). But basically, I'm having a good time in New York. Seeing family and friends has been great. Everyone loves the little guy. And the Hill Cumorah Pageant was spectacular (as are some of my pictures).

I'm going to the Kenny Chesney concert tomorrow!!! And Sonya's wedding seems right on track. However, some bad/scary stuff just caught up with us. In the last 24 hours Logan managed to get a bloody lip by banging his face into a coffee table at Zac's parents' house, bit his tongue and rolled off my parents' bed, and the worst fall by far: he fell off the counter in my parents' kitchen. But he is fine. I can't say the same for his great-grandpa, though. My grandpa Charlie fell of his bed this morning and fractured his hip. Blah. He had surgery this evening and seems to be doing ok. But, like I said, I'll blog more when I have time and a better connection!

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Kathryn said...

Hi Sarah. I found your blog :)

I'm glad you're back.