Saturday, January 31, 2009

Productive Saturday...

At least I'd like to think so. Dropped the Sube off at the mechanics this morning to fix the eight million problems it had (broken driver's side lock, broken driver's side seat, leaking left rear tire, broken defroster heating element on the back window, check engine light, needed a tune-up...especially since the engine was misfiring, a cooing fan and belt needed to be replaced, and the anti-lock brake system light was on. Oh, and I figured a deluxe oil change while we were at it). After dropping the car off, I walked up to campus to take my first astronomy test of the semester. Aced it, by the way. Then my very wonderful, amazing, beautiful, smart, and talented sister-in-law (who is totally on a hot date right now) picked me up from campus and we picked up some lunch for us and the boys.

After that, I finally made good on my Christmas present to oil change and new wiper blades for her car. Then she dropped me back off while I waited for the Sube to be finished. I really love the place I take it to...Ray's Campus American Car Care...or something like that. They are so nice and totally professional and definitely don't rip you off. Having a dad as an amazing mechanic is handy when you don't live 2,000 miles away from him, but having a dad pass his auto-knowledge onto you is almost as good. So I know when I'm getting taken to the cleaners when it comes to vehicle maintenance. And the guys over at Ray's are wonderful and 100% honest. All that crap we had done only ended up costing us $280. And after driving it back home, I decided it was well-worth it!!!!

So, to top off my productive day while Zac is at the gym, I'm vowing to do all of the dishes in the sink. Shouldn't be more than 20 minutes. Wish me luck!


Steffy said...

Hey my friend works at that car place! I love going there too! Good job getting so much stuff done today!

Susan said...

You are freakin' awesome other daughter!!!!!