Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Hometown Halloween...

It was nice to be back in Bloomfield with my kids to trick-or-treat this year. I've learned a few things:

1. It doesn't matter how much time you spend making your kid's's just going to be covered up by a sweater.
2. The words "please" and "thank you" don't exist on Halloween. Nor do they matter. You get the candy anyways.

3. You should only plan on hitting up a few houses close together that you KNOW will have good candy instead of trying to get to as many as end up carrying your kid after 15 minutes, regardless.
4. Halloween is the best opportunity to see 55% of the people from your hometown in one fell swoop when you've been gone a while.
5. Stick close by to the firehouse. They have donuts, cider, candy, games, and the other 45% of the town that wasn't giving out candy at their own houses.

And then the costumes. Kaylee gets the Mommy award for cutest Pink Leopard EVER. (Even though she doesn't look happy in any of the pictures we got of her in it.)

Logan wins the Mommy award for best "Dash" Incredibles costume made by his mommy.

And Madison wins the "Seriously Best costume EVER" award. She was an iPod that actually played music. It cost her nothing, she (and her mom) made it practically the day of Halloween, and she came up with the concept all on her own:

In other, non-related news, I seem to be winning things from the blogosphere left and right. Remember how I won that copy of "The Dark Divine" in June? Well, I also won a spot on the author's "Street Team" to shamelessly promote the book. Which mainly means I get swag. Which I am VERY excited about. (More on this later.) And then tonight I found out that I won a $50 off $100 purchase coupon for Old Navy from Thrifty NW Mom!!!! (See post below!!!) HOW GREAT IS THAT?!?!?!?!?!


D said...

Does that mean I get an ARC??? :)

Your kids are totally adorable! I love Logan's costume! I remember growing up in MI we always had to wear a snowsuit(or at least a sweater) with our costume. The best costume I chose was a "woman of substance" (fat lady) because the more clothes I piled on the better. So I kept warm and my costume was more authentic. We have the opposite problem here in So Cal. I was worried a sweatsuit would be too warm. Luckily it's cooler at night.

Congrats on winning 50 dollars off of 100!!!

Kathryn said...

Very cute costumes! And Sarah, I am totally impressed by your sewing skillz. :)

casey said...

oh CUTE pictures! they are darlings :) and good job winning stuff, that's cool!