Friday, February 5, 2010

Oh, Logan...

So now that I have this job (details to come, I promise) that requires me to get up at 6:00 am to be there by 7:00, I got to bed fairly early. Early for me, anyways. And last night at about 10:15, I was exhausted. Logan had been in bed since 9 and Kaylee had just fallen asleep nursing, so I took her upstairs and put her in her crib. The second her little head touched the mattress, however, she woke up screaming. Now like I said, I was exhausted so I decided to just bring her to bed with me and figured Zac could move her when he got home. Well, that worked out very nicely. K cried for about two minutes in our bed but fell right asleep, so I did, too. And I slept great until Zac got home around 11 and came upstairs where this conversation ensued:

Zac: Honey, I'm sorry to wake you up, but I had a question about Logan.
Me: Why what's wrong?
Zac: Nothing, but did you put him to bed?
Me: Of course I put him to bed. Just after Grey's Anatomy.
Zac: Oh ok. Because he is downstairs sitting on the couch, watching TV, and eating a bag of Doritos. But I'll take care of it.
Me: [rolls over and falls back asleep]

Oh, Logan.


Melissa said...

HAHAHA this is such a funny story! What is even funnier is that Zach thought you might not have put your kid to bed! I love it!

Kathryn said...


Dani said...

Oh Logan. You silly kid. That is so naughty to get out of your bed in the middle of the night. Don't do it again, ok?

Love, Aunt Dani

Sondra said...

That is hilarious!! He is so grown up haha oh my goodness. I was hoping Zach would say he was watching Grey's too :)

balloongal said...

That's crazy. Ha Ha Ha Ha.