Thursday, February 16, 2012

Awesome Things That Happened This Week...

I know it's Thursday which doesn't seem to be a sensical day to post about awesome things that happened thus far this week (and yes I just made up the word "sensical"), but it's been a pretty good few days bunched together and I just wanted to write about it. You know, for those days that will come where it feels like good stuff hasn't happened in a while. goes.

1.) I got a new job! I'm still working at the YMCA doing my toddler/youth programs, but I also was hired on to work at the front desk! It will be more hours (which is nice for the paycheck, but a tinge sad for the mommy-children time), but the kids are in SUPER good hands at the (included) daycare and it's only for 3 or 4 hours a day. And I join them for snack time so I feel pretty good about it.
1.) a.) Kaylee goes to the YMCA daycare now WITH A SMILE ON HER FACE! She HATED it for the longest time....even when I would go to work out for 45 minutes, she would scream the whole time. But something mysterious happened and now she just goes and is happy to be there. That's an awesome thing in my book.
1.) b.) I've only worked four shifts at the front desk now, but I feel like I am catching on to things pretty quickly. It's a little stressful having to know the answer to EVERYTHING (or at least knowing the extension of the correct person who would know an answer you don't...), but yesterday I felt like I answered 60% of the things asked of me without having to check with someone else. It was a good day.
1.) c.) I'm meeting new co-workers. One of whom is Asha. I have a feeling we will be good friends for quite some time. This girl is hilarious and possibly deserves her own post.

2.) I got new shoes! (This could probably be another sub-category of number 1 since they are work shoes, but, you know. NEW SHOES!) I ordered them on Amazon. They are Crocs, but thy are dressy Crocs. They are adorable and fit like a dream. And they even have bling. Don't have time to get a picture up, but they are "Olivia"s and I love them.

3.) We got our federal return!!! Awesome!!!
3.) a.) Zac and I think we may have enough of a return to spend frivolously on a vacation for the two of us!

4.) I'm planning Savannah's wedding and it's coming together SUPERBLY if I do say so myself. And by "planning," I'm serious. I'm pretty sure the only thing Savannah is going to have to do is show up. Oh, and she had to get her dress. Which is GORGEOUS!!! AWESOME!!!!

5.) You may recall my affinity for the Dark Divine series. The third and final book comes out next month. I was able to get ARCs of the first two books (before they were printed and released to the public) through contests and other such luck and figured I would just have to wait for The Savage Grace. FALSE. By some strange miracle, a package was delivered to my in-laws' house on Tuesday from Random House. Containing an ARC of The Savage Grace. I about DIED. Now if only I could find the time to read it....

6.) I lost 3 lbs. Super awesome.

7.) My kids are being used for a press release for the Rochester Ronald McDonald House on Friday. Not necessarily awesome for me, but they get a few seconds of fame. So I'm filing that one under "awesome."

I guess that's enough awesomeness for now. I don't want to make y'all jealous :-)


Kathryn said...

So glad you've had an awesome week! Hope it continues :)

Rebecca Major said...

We met Bree Despain at LTUE this year! I thought of you. :) She was giving out nail polish color coded to the covers of the 3 books, with the name of the corresponding book on the polish of the appropriate color. It was a pretty cool marketing idea.