Monday, July 23, 2012

And I Shall Call This Post "Untitled..."

I can't really go on the Facebook today. I have yet to watch the Bachelorette finale (but I have a Hulu date with Dani to watch it tonight). And I'm afraid to open my Google Reader for fear of spoilers. But part of me has this innate need to be on the interwebs for at least a portion of the morning, so I suppose I will blog. So highlights of the last week:

The Hill Cumorah Pageant was in full swing. We went Tuesday and Friday. The kids loved it, as did we.

The only thing not so great was that Kaylee was TERRIFIED of Jon. He played Lamen and has that nice beard and 'stache...and she wouldn't go anywhere near him. But she loved watching Aunt Rosie get married to Nephi. Yep, my in-laws are kind of big deals.

Wednesday was Zac's birthday. It was rather uneventful. Until Kaylee started SCREAMING about her ear hurting for about an hour. So we ended up heading over to Urgent Care at 7:00 pm to find out she had a double ear infection, brought on by a cold. Which I now have.

Thursday I woke up feeling like crap, but was still gladly anticipating Zac's birthday present...we had 16th row tickets to see Jim Gaffigan. I laughed so hard, I cried. Twice.


Friday I was miserably sick.

Saturday was Kaylee's birthday and party. It was a Tangled theme. There were bounce houses and cupcakes and an endless supply of sugar. More on that later.

Sunday, I left church after the first hour because I felt so miserable. I slept for the better part of the afternoon, and ended up over at Zac's parents' house for a "July Birthday Dinner" where we celebrated Brandon's, Zac's, Kaylee's and Jaylene's birthdays.

Today, I am still sick. So I'm going to go lie on the couch and not move until I have to muster up the strength to go to work. Until next time....

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