Monday, August 6, 2007

"2 Month" Check-up...

So Logan had his 2 Month Well-Baby check-up today. Even though he's only 6 and a half weeks...oops. When I set up the appointment, it was at his 2 week check-up. And instead of making it 6 weeks from that appointment, I made it for when he was going to be 6 weeks old. My bad. But whatever. I was deliriously tired at that point. So we went in and nothing major to report. He weighed 12 lbs, 4 oz which puts him close to the 90th percentile for weight. He's a chunk! He's now 23 inches long, which keeps him at the 75th percentile for height, and he still has a fat head at 41 cm, also in the 90th percentile. I also had the doctor look at his belly-button. It was still a little gooey, which was grossing me out. It bothered the doctor a little bit, too, because it really should have been dried up completely by now. So he took this silver-nitrous stuff that is supposed to freeze the skin and create an artificial scab, allowing it to come off and heal the way it's supposed to. Well Logan didn't like that one bit. Especially when it started bleeding. It was so sad! And he had been such a good boy the whole appointment! He was laughing and cooing the entire time. And then I had to go and open my big mouth about his nasty belly-button. Oh well. He calmed down after a few minutes and we came home. Now he's passed out in his swing, which is the best thing ever invented. EVER. (Thanks Renee/Mom and Dad!) So I guess that's all from the home front for now! And I swear, as soon as I find the camera charger, there will be more pictures and videos!!! Kisses to all!!!

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