Monday, August 27, 2007

Rolling over...

So he's been able to do this for weeks now, but again, I couldn't upload the video for a while. Also, he is laying on his very favorite quilt, made by his very favorite Aunt Jorden! It is the coolest quilt ever. And just today, when I was sitting outside with Logan and all the moms at our playground, I had it on my lap and one of the girls was like, "Holy cow, did you MAKE that?" and I said, "No, but my fourteen year old cousin did." (ps, Jordie, if you're not fourteen, my apologies. I had to restrain myself from saying you were 9 because that's what you are in my mind. You're my baby cousin!!!) So it was all the rage this morning. People were totally jealous :-) It really is an amazing quilt and we absolutely love it!!!!

And then Logan has finally found his fingers. He sucks on them all the time, especially when he's half asleep at night and he looses his pacifier. Or his "Binky" as Zac calls it. Well anyways, he sucks on his fingers so hard that it makes the loudest noises. We can hear it when he is in his crib and we are watching TV in the living room. It amazes me that he doesn't wake himself up doing it! So there are cute pictures of that :-)

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Jaylene said...

Hey - Howdy - Hi - To the world's cutest little grandson. Grandma loves you and misses you tons.