Sunday, March 2, 2008

My To-Do List...

Today would have been my Uncle Gary's 51st birthday. I miss him and think about him every single day. Some days are harder than others, but he's one person I guarantee I will never forget, even if I wanted to. I was looking for pictures I have of him that I could post, and this one was mixed in with wedding pictures. It was taken in the Palmyra Temple just after Zac and I were sealed. I'm really glad we got married when we did...Gary got to spend the happiest day of my life with me. Clearly, he was pretty happy, too!

So in honor of Uncle Gary's birthday, I thought I'd post this. It's a list of all the things I want to do in my no particular order. Some things I've already done, but I thought I'd include them anyways. It's kind of like when I'm making a daily to-do list and I put stuff I do routinely do, just so I can cross it off (i.e. shower, brush teeth, etc). So here goes:

Graduate in the top 10 from BCS (check)
Graduate from College
Get married (check)
Swim with dolphins
Have a baby (check)
Go hang-gliding
Go to Hawaii
Be an extra in a movie
Go to Paris...just to eat bread and cheese. And pastries :-)
Have another baby
Ride in a helicopter. I'd say fly it, but I'd probably crash it.
Visit the Holy Land
See "Wicked!" on Broadway
Receive so many bouquets of flowers that it fills a room (like in the movies)
Be a redhead (check)
Have a third baby
Learn to play the piano
See the New Seven Wonders of the World
Dance in the rain
Kiss the Blarney stone
Have a fourth baby
Dye my hair totally blond
See Cher in concert (check)
Ride in a gondola
Visit the White House (check)
Meet the President while at the White House
See the Ancient Seven Wonders of the World
Stand in the:
Atlantic Ocean (check)
Pacific Ocean (check)
Red Sea
Mediterranean (check)
Gulf of Mexico (check)
Sea of Galilee
"Dance the funky chicken at my 75th wedding anniversary"
Go to Spain (check)
Meet a famous actor
Finish a quilt (check)
Meet a famous singer (check- Mike Love from the Beach Boys!)
Work on a political campaign
Read the Book of Mormon in one sitting
Ride on a train
Walk the red carpet at an awards show
Visit all 50 states
Climb a mountain (check)
Go horseback riding on the beach
Go snorkeling
Read the entire Bible
Eat a 1 lb burger by myself
Get Uncle Gary's music published
Have grandchildren
Have great-grandchildren
Sing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir
Stay up all night (check)
Wear a 100-carat diamond necklace
Meet Rachael Ray...maybe even cook with her!
See a performance in the Sydney Opera House
Be on a game show...maybe even win something
Write a book...maybe even get published
Go on a cruise
Be in a stage production with an audience of 5,000+ (check)
Donate a large sum of money to charity anonymously

I'm sure it will keep growing...but it's a good starting point.


Sara said...

Wowwy! That's a great list! It gave me some good ideas. I love the Funky Chicken one! Ha Ha!

Rachel said...

I have to say from this picture I dont think you look like your Uncle Gary. :)

Zach and Kate Hulet said...

Hmmmmm... you "losing" your birth control pills doesn't look so innocent now! "2nd baby" "3rd baby" "4th baby".... I see where your headed. Sounds like fun! Thanks for visiting this weekend. It was great to see you again and meet your friend that you are ALWAYS talking about! It's fun to put the puzzle of life together! Talk to you soon. Kate