Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Working Keyboard...

I'm not sure exactly what Zac did, but he got our old keyboard working while Logan and I were doing laundry...so hurray! So here's what I haven't posted the past few weeks:
California/Ellen was AMAZING. We drove down to Las Vegas Wednesday night and were going to drive to LA Thursday morning. Well, the babies woke up around 4:30 am and kept waking each other up, so we decided to just hit the road around 5:30. I was telling Dani that maybe it was a good thing and she agreed; it gave us more freedom for various stops. Well it turns out that it was a VERY good thing. On our return trip through Vegas, Zac's cousin said "You guys didn't get held up in traffic did you?" and when we asked him what he meant, we found out that maybe an hour behind us, there was a fatal accident that shut down I-15 Southbound for three hours. PHEW! So not only did the babies get us to LA ahead of schedule, they could have saved our lives...who knows if we could have been involved in the accident had we left later than we did.
Well, then the Ellen DeGeneres show. It was FABULOUS! It aired on St. Patrick's Day, so sorry if you missed it! But you could totally see us. We were on TV. And I have it on DVD. If you really want to see it, I'll send you a copy :-) ANYWAYS, the guests were Minni Driver, Cheryl Crow, and the American Idol castoff, David Hernandez. So we got the new Cheryl Crow CD- sweet! And in lieu of American Idol and iTunes teaming up this year, we got $50 gift cards to iTunes!!!! And then the best part...Ellen said "Well, so what are you supposed to play your iTunes on? How about a brand-new 8 GB Video iPod Nano!" So we got iPods!!!! It was amazing!!!! Oh, and my other Ellen claim-to-fame: During "commercial breaks," they play music so the audience can dance while they prep Ellen for the next segment. So random people wave at Ellen and if she's paying attention, she waves back and everyone is all, "Ellen waved at me!" So I did the sign for "I Love You," she looked right at me, and gave it back! So Ellen and I are totally best friends.
The next day, we went to the beach. It was windy. Like really, really windy. But it was still gorgeous. I would like to go back some day. After the beach, we drove to Hollywood to meet Uncle Gary's old girlfriend, Sue. I was really excited to meet her, mainly because she was so important to Gary and since he was such a huge part of my life for such a long time, I felt like I wanted to get to know her, too. She was cute. We didn't have much time together because she had to be at a performance, but we decided next time I'm in LA we'll schedule more time together and catch up.
And speaking of catching up, on Saturday on our way out of California, I got to meet up with Emily Harris. It was SO GREAT to see her! It's crazy that we're growing up and have real jobs and husbands and babies...oye. But it was so nice to sit down and talk with her and hear all about what she's been doing for the past 5 years. Well, after that, we stayed another night at Kate and Zach's (Thanks again, guys!) and came back home. It was such an amazing trip!

Onto Easter: It was practically perfect. The weather was BEAUTIFUL...a perfect warm, sunny day. It made our hunt for our Easter baskets rather enjoyable :-) Then the reason for Easter...Church! The RS presidency basically drew straws to see who would be there for the meeting and the first counselor and I ended up staying. Which I am actually grateful for...it was an amazing lesson! So after church, Zac and Logan and I ventured over to Steve and Becky Beisinger's (Marie and Ben's Parents). In years past, I have hosted a big dinner/Easter egg hunt here. Family and other friends with no where else to go would come and there were always too many people to fit in our apartment, so it was outside. But it was always really nice. Well, Easter came early this year and Zac's siblings all congregated at his brother's apartment, so we got to crash the Beisinger dinner, have all the fun, and minimal work on my part! It was great!

And what's left? OH! I know! I've decided to run a 10K. In Vegas, Kate was telling Dani and I that she's training for a half-marathon. She basically had me signed up to join her, but the race is the end of July, when I'll be back in NY for Sonya's wedding. Then I started thinking 13 miles is insane and I need to work up to something that big. So Dani and I looked for races coming up and decided that 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) would be great to start off. I found a 7 week training program that I'm starting this week (I hope) and in June, we'll be running from Riverwoods to Bridal Veil Falls (and back) for the 10K race! I'm really excited. And then depending on how well that goes...maybe I can do a half (or a full) marathon someday!

Well, I guess that's all for now! More posts to come soon...now that I can type!

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pam said...

Oh my gosh, I feel like I have so many comments that I want to make!!!! I loved reading your blog. The Ellen show sounded amazing and so fun! I want to do that some day (and get all that free stuff - how cool is that)?!! The picture of Logan in the little laundry basket is SO ADORABLE! What a cute little face!! I think it is SO cool that you are going to run a 10K. You'll never regret it!!! I can't wait to get back into running again after the baby comes in July.