Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's My Party And I'll Cry IF I Want To...

But he didn't. He actually had a blast!!!!

And a disclaimer, the top few photos are all pictures from the actual day of his birthday after we got back from our family outing and he got to open his presents from Grandma and Grandpa Thomas and his mommy and daddy. He was just so stinking cute in that crown from Toys-R-Us!!!!

Our day pretty much went as planned. We really just had a good, stress-free time and enjoyed being a family. And Zac said something profound on the way to the petting zoo...he was talking about that question, "Where do you see yourself in five years?" and he said "We will have a SIX-YEAR-OLD!!!" That blew my mind.

So fast-forward to Monday evening...the party. Some of Logan's very best friends came (James, Kanoa, Cousin Adam, Damen, Elizabeth, and David) and got him some sweet presents. He made bank in the ball department...from inflatable to squishy water-retaining ones. He also got a ton of bubbles and bubble accessories which will be a huge hit the rest of the summer, I'm sure. And then the MOTHER of all birthday presents:

It's a push/ride toy that happens to be a Whinnie the Pooh themed FIRE TRUCK!!!! It has a ton of buttons that make all sorts of noise, sing songs, light flashing lights, and does everything your standard fire truck would do. Well, basically. So, if you couldn't tell from the pictures, it was from James' mommy and daddy (Aunt Dani and Uncle Mat). They said it was so he could remember them as being his favorite aunt and uncle when they move to San the end of the week. *sniff* But that's a different post...

Anyways, aside from the presents, what else makes a good birthday party? The cake, of course. Logan got his own (the local grocery store makes a free 1st birthday cake) and, well, there are just no words. The video shows just how hesitant he was at first, but the pictures capture the next half hour after that pretty well!

So after the cake, he took a bath, thanked everyone for coming, and called it a night. Then mommy and daddy got to sneak out and see a movie (Get Smart) while Wonderful Aunt Liz stayed behind to watch him and clean up the kitchen. Love that girl!!!!

So, in summary, first birthdays ROCK!!!


D said...

Sounds like the perfect first b-day! Low-key and fun! I love the photos of him and James and the ride on toy. We miss them too and wish that San Antonio weren't so far away.

Sara said...

I LOVE the little video. My favorite is how he shakes his hands to try to get the cake off and just gets it everywhere! He is so sweet. It was smart to put his highchair outside for the cake part! :) Give him a kiss and hug for me and Lawson!

Bethany said...

I loved the video!! I watched it with my step-mom and we were both aww-ing up a storm! Give kisses to Logan, are you passing through JFK at all?