Tuesday, July 7, 2009

2 Year Check-Up...

First, I have to say that I LOVE going to a family practice. My OB is also Logan's (and the baby's) pediatrician. I remember being so irritated that I went to the same doctor my whole pregnancy and then once Logan was born it was like, "Ok, nice working with you, now go find another doctor to trust." But this time around, it's like, "Your uterus is great. How is Logan doing? Any concerns?" and I absolutely LOVE it. So last Friday, I had my weekly appointment and was able to schedule Logan's well baby visit for the same time. Because he was there, I opted to skip the internal exam, so I don't know what my cervix is up to these days, but here's the skinny...or not so much...on Logan:

Height: 85th percentile
Weight: 50th percentile
Head Circumference: 100th percentile (a little over, but they just put him in the 100th)

So he's tall and skinny with a huge head. And he's doing all the things a normal two-year-old should. Except when the doctor asked if he knew his shapes. He doesn't. We've been working on colors and numbers and letters so much that I have neglected shapes. My bad. But I never really liked geometry, so maybe we'll leave that one up to Aunt Savannah. When she decides to come back to Utah. In two LONG weeks. With "Mee-gah Jaylene." Which is how Logan pronounces "Grandma" these days. It's cute. Which is making me think of other things he says that are funny. So while my brain is going along, let's formulate a "Logan's Pronunciation Guide":

Bake-eek: Blanket
Basey Ball: Basketball
Basey Hewp: Basketball hoop
Daddy's Bit: Our bed, which is apparently Daddy's, and the only place he will fall asleep willingly and eagerly
Duce: Juice
Eese-eese: "This," referring to something specific he wants (see also "Wanna")
Mee-gah: Grandma
Nucks: Chicken nuggets
Oger: Yogurt
Pepeese: Pepsi or any carbonated beverage, not to be confused with "Puppies" which is usually intended to be singular
Pun-gah: Grandpa
Teese: Cheese, in string form
Touch: Catch (which involves a specific tennis ball and the person catching to sit on the floor on a pillow)
Tindy: Candy
Wanna: Thanks to Aunt Savannah, this is something specific he wants. I can't stand it.

Well, that's all I can really think of right now, but it makes me smile.


Craig & Lisa said...

Cute! I love hearing first baby words. Every child seems to say things a little differently. It is so cute to hear. I love your translations too. Thanks. Good luck with baby girl! Keep us posted how things progress.

Sara said...

Cute words! Love it! Oh, and you're welcome for the dr. referral. ;)