Saturday, July 18, 2009

Happy Birthday, Honey!!!

Hehe...his tush is still cute :-)

Zac's Birthday 19 years ago...when he was 5!

My wonderful husband turned 24 today! I'm excited because we're the same age now and it will say that on the new baby's birth certificate. When Logan was born, I was all self-conscious because the line with "mother's age" was 22 and the one with "father's age" was 21. I know it's only a 6 month difference, but I don't like being older.

ANYWAYS, for Zac's birthday, it was pretty low-key. Sorry, babe. But Logan and I made him blueberry muffins and took him breakfast in bed...but we let him sleep in till 11. So it was more like brunch in bed :-) We also took him a card that Logan made (since the one I bought last week went missing...), but I think Zac liked the one Logan made better anyways. Since it was like 100 today, we spent the majority of the afternoon inside enjoying our newly repaired A/C, but later in the evening, we ventured down to Spanish Fork and went to the "beach." It's really a reservoir, but it was clean and sandy (-ish...more like fine gravel, but whatever) and the water was really pretty. So we set up our beach blanket, ate cheeseburgers (I decided against the steak...not really a beach food), and played in the water. Logan was pretty exhausted when we got home, so he cuddled with his daddy before heading up to bed. And to finish out the day in typical Zac style, he went to the lab on campus to work on his film. So just after he left, I made cupcakes and hopefully I'll be awake enough to surprise him with them when he gets home :-)

And just in case you were wondering, yes I'm still pregnant. My due date officially passed 6 minutes ago. But that's ok. I'll be induced on Tuesday, which is conveniently the morning after Jaylene and Savannah fly in from New York. So whatever. I'll have a baby in 3 days. Eeek!


Jess said...

Happy birthday, Zac! And happy birthday in 3 days, new Steele!

Marni said...

I'm so excited for you!! I love babies!!