Friday, May 7, 2010

No Reason In Particular...

I used to work with a guy named Michael Shreeve. His wife's name is also Michael Shreeve. I think that would get very confusing. But I digress. Michael Ann (the wife, obviously) is a very cool girl. Granted, I've never met her in person, but Michael (the husband) clued me into how neat she was. She is very crafty. And sews. And from what I've seen, I think she should be on "Project Runway." So anyways, she entered a contest here and I think it would be sweet if she won. Her's is the yellow top pictured here. Check it out. Then vote for her on the right sidebar.

No, I don't get anything if she wins. I don't even know if she gets anything if she wins other than the satisfaction. But, for no reason in particular, I think you should vote for her sweet-looking top.


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Marni said...

WAIT. Have we talked about this? I know Michael Shreeve (the male one). He is from Corvallis. Weird.