Thursday, June 24, 2010

Random Things (About Me) Thursday...

(Christmas 1990 with my cousin Steven)

(March 2004 in Las Vegas)

I have a lot of time to think at work. And Today I was thinking about myself and some of my quirks and little-known factoids that make up who I am. (I know, a bit self-indulgent.) But I thought I would share:

1. My first name is actually Sarah Kay. No, Kay is not part of my middle name. Sarah Kay. One name. Well, two names, get it. I think the story goes that my mom liked the name Kay after one of her close friends and my dad liked Sarah for no reason in particular. So they threw them together. And very few people actually call me by my full first name. My mom would when I was in trouble. My Dad would occasionally. My Uncle Gary did all the time. My aunt Karen still does. And my cousins Cindy and Paul both still do. But that's about it.

2. I hate pancakes. I don't know if I've shared this before or not, but I HATE them. Not "would prefer not to have them for breakfast," but more like "am outraged when offered them." I don't really know why. Maybe it's the way they absorb syrup or the way people order them in huge stacks, or how some people try to make them sound more appealing by calling them "fluffy." Whatever it is, I HATE THEM. However, if in "silver dollar" form, I find them less offensive.

3. I also hate spoons. When given a food item that can be eaten with either a fork or a spoon (Mac and Cheese, mashed potatoes, etc), I will always take the fork. And when given a food item that requires a spoon (ice cream, soup, etc), I will search high and low for a disposable one. I think maybe it has something to do with the fact that the spoon has a lot of surface area that touches the inside of people's mouths. Multiple people. And that's all I can really think about when using a spoon. That someone else's ENTIRE mouth was on and around that spoon. Now the fork, on the other hand, should hardly touch the lips if used properly. That's a utensil I can eat with.

The spork? Well, it is a handy invention, I'll give them that. And more often than not, they are disposable, so they are ok by me.

4. I am writing a novel. I guess most people have figured that out by now, but there it is. I am a writer. Or, at least trying to be. My goal is to be published by the time Logan hits 3rd grade. And I'm always looking for names to give my characters. So if you ever want to be written in. let me know. However, after Julie Driscoll told me that she wanted her name in print, her character has turned into quite the beeotch. forewarned.

5. I am dieting. And this is the first actual diet I have ever done in my life. And so far, it seems to be working quite well. I already hit goal number one, which was to drop below *** lbs. And I managed to do it in 4 days. So while I am hungry and can't wait to up my calorie intake again, I am getting in better shape for Zac's sister's wedding. In August.

6. I may become a resident of the state of Washington sooner rather than later. But this is a developing story with no real confirmation from the Associated Press yet. More on this later.

Well, that's all for now.


Emily Hartvigsen said...

I've never thought that about spoons before. Hmmm. Now you put that thought in my head. I hope I won't be grossed out next time I need to use a spoon. :)

Mike and Cambra said...

I don't like pancakes either. Although when I'm really hungry and with the right toppings I don't find them so offensive. Also.. they do taste best when in a smaller size. weird.