Thursday, September 1, 2011


Guys. I CAN NOT believe this.

I was in a weight loss competition with my husband's family a few months back. And I lost 15.3 lbs over the course of 3 months. Not bad, eh?

Well guess what.

Not only have I gained all 15.3 lbs of that weight back,


I have put on an additional 12.


I am disgusted with myself. What is my problem????

Yes I have been super stressed. And I eat when I'm upset. And my life hasn't been all Sunshine and roses lately, but COME ON.

Work-out regimen, here I come. Ugh.


AsK said...

I am SO sorry Sarah! Working out will really help your heart, but counting calories is what will make you lose weight (Adam told me this is what he learned in med school). If you take a typical day and write down your calories, then eat less the next day (and the next month) you'll see a change. My mom and aunt just did the program that Lydia Wente is a health coach for and they lost like 50 pounds each since February. The program has meal replacement food that you order so it's fool proof and the calories are pre-counted for you, but the concept is just eating a very limited amount of calories per day, like 1000ish, while maintaining your vitamins and nutrients.
I think you are amazing for raising two kids and going through all the stress you've been through lately. You have had a lot of life changes and moving on top of taking care of your two cute kids! I'm still super inspired by you and your talents, so don't let this weight thing get to you. You still make me giggle! :)

Melissa said...

You lost it once you can do it again! I know you can! I laughed and laughed about that Dr. Phil quote. I haven't heard it before and it's real real funny! I like you!