Monday, October 8, 2007


So I lost the camera charger. AGAIN. I know, I know, I suck at life. So these pictures are from our good friends, Mat and Dani. Their son, James, is 2 months older than Logan and they are BEST FRIENDS!!! So we all went to the homecoming parade together. I don't think the babies enjoyed it as much as we did, but it was still fun. I don't know why there were Storm Troopers in the parade, but Mat and Zac and the babies ran out to get their pictures taken. And the one looks like he is going to steal Logan...hahaha!!

OH! ALSO!!!! As of Saturday (during General Conference) Logan can roll over from back to front!!!! He still hates being on his tummy so when he rolls over, he gets mad and rolls onto his back again, but he can now roll a full 360 degrees. And when I find the charger, I'll post a video. He's getting SOOOO big! I can't believe it!

Well, take care, wherever you're reading from! Love you and miss you all!!!!

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