Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Series of (Un)fortunate Events...

Unfortunately, Logan is teething and has a cold.
Fortunately, his cold isn't as bad as mine. I have a fever, too.
Unfortunately, Logan woke up too early for me today and my Nyquil hadn't worn off yet.
Fortunately, my awesome husband got up with him.
Unfortunately, when Zac wakes up, the first thing he does is pee (sorry, hon). And when he flushed the toilet, it overflowed.
Fortunately, it was not nasty toilet water...just regular water. But still from the toilet, so...
Unfortunately, he just stood there and said, "That's not good," while the water ran and ran.
Fortunately, I jumped out of bed and contained most of the water in the bathroom on the tile.
Unfortunately, a good amount of water did escape past my barricade and soaked the carpet in the hallway.
Fortunately, there is an emergency maintenance number.
Unfortunately, the guy didn't pick up the first three times I called.
Fortunately, while waiting for someone from maintenance to call me back, I found reasonable plane tickets to fly home in July!
Unfortunately, they were still $330.
Fortunately, I get to be there for three whole weeks!
Unfortunately, I won't get to see my husband for three whole weeks.
Fortunately, the maintenance guy DID call back.
Unfortunately, it took him an our to get up here.
Fortunately, he brought the wet/dry vac which got the carpet fairly dry.
Unfortunately, by the time he got here and was going to vacuum, Logan was napping.
Fortunately, Logan slept through the vacuum, even though it was right outside his door.
Unfortunately, the toilet was still clogged.
Fortunately, the maintenance guy also brought the snake thing to unclog it.
Unfortunately, while snaking the pipe, the toilet overflowed again.
Fortunately, he was still here so he just vacuumed again. And this time brought a disinfectant carpet spray.
Unfortunately, that made the carpet wet again and Logan can't crawl over there for a while.
Fortunately, the carpet is clean and now I'll be forced to clean the bathroom today.

So, is the glass half empty or half full? I'm not sure, but apparently someone has been drinking out of my glass...


D said...

Yikes busy day! Hope it just gets more fortunate from here...

Momma Steele said...

Yikes, I don't even rate a 'blogger' spot. Am I THAT bad???

Sara said...

I'm glad I'm on the good list! I'm with you on shunning people who don't blog consistently. How am I supposed to keep up with people's lives? Call them? Hang out with them? Too much work! haha! I always LOVE your posts and love the pic of Logan with his face through the tube hole. So cute!

The JL McGregor Family said...

He he he! I love this post!

Dani said...

Sad! I miss that little Logan face!