Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mmmm, Cake...

Ladies and Gentlemen, Rachel Winsor is a freaking genius.

So Zac works nights and I usually make dinner for the two of us, take his portion down to him on his break, come home, re-heat my portion, and chow down while I feed Logan his supper. Then I give the baby a bath, put him to bed, and have a little "me time" (reading, watching an episode of Friends, whatever) before I get cracking on my homework. Well, usually while in the midst of "me time," I start wishing I had made some form of dessert. But naturally, my "me time" doesn't have enough minutes to create and bake some wonderful concoction...which probably would end up containing too many calories, anyways.

Tonight was no different. I grilled up some steaks, made a pasta side, sliced up some fresh fruit and delivered Zac's meal. We came home, Logan and I ate, Logan went through the normal bedtime routine, and went to sleep. Then I started in on some Grey's Anatomy catch-up when the dessert craving hit. Almost simultaneously, I remembered that my neighbor, Rachel, had posted about her pregnancy cravings for cake. And this is what she said:

"Single servings of cake.
Its amazing. You put 1/2 cup cake mix and 1/3 cup water in a bowl, stir, and microwave for 90 seconds. And Voila! You have yummy cake. And there is no danger of accidentally eating half a cake. And I'm sure you can say its better for you without the eggs and oil. So you can feel good and healthy about yourself."

HOLY WOW did this rock my world. It's so moist and warm that you totally don't need frosting, nor will you miss it. The only bad thing about it is that I am tempted to go back for seconds. Which defeats the main purpose of a single serving of cake. But I'm still breastfeeding...I can burn off the calories, right? Hmmm...maybe not. Well, enjoy Logan in all his cuteness (yes, he can stand on his own now! But still won't walk...) and go make yourself some cake!!!

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kim dance said...

great idea for the cake...i'll keep that in mind. i have to have a sweet something before bed to complete the day! i use the breastfeeding excuse as well. love that i made the blog...the part about names...tom and had better switch that to kim and tom! :)
the funny thing is, last time i was with my family we had the exact same conversation, so your post made me laugh!