Monday, September 8, 2008

"I Tag"...

Another one of those silly tags. But I still think they're fun...

* I usually: play backgammon every night before bed.
* I search: random blogs to keep me entertained.
* I wonder: if I am a good mom.
* I regret: not going to see Gary the weekend before he died.
* I love: my family.
* I care: about the presidential election this year.
* I always: want to eat out. No dishes.
* I worry: about loosing loved ones.
* I am not: a tidy housekeeper.
* I remember: things in threes. It's weird.
* I believe: in karma.
* I dance: like an idiot. So I try not to.
* I sing: all the time. Especially while listening to my ipod and doing dishes. It's embarrassing.
* I don't always: take off my makeup before bed.
* I argue: when I'm right and the other person is wrong. So a lot.
* I write: every day for my creative writing class.
* I win: Guillotine. Always. And Settlers of Cattan most of the time.
* I lose: a lot of hair on a daily basis.
* I wish: I could play the piano.
* I listen: to all sorts of music. Currently, Imogen Heap radio on Pandora.
* I don't understand: advanced math. Or why people learn it.
* I can usually be found: in the JFSB basement. Or in the kitchen.
* I am scared of: spiders.
* I need: Zac in the house when I fall asleep.
* I am happy: because I have the best husband and the cutest baby EVER.
* I tag: Rachel W, Dani W, and Marie B!


The JL McGregor Family said...

thanks for playing! Fun to read, and you know you are a great mom!

Dani said...

Agh! I'll do it MAYBE! And, I like you