Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Back From Vegas...

Yep! We're home! We got the chance to go to Las Vegas this last weekend for Zac's cousin's wedding. It was really nice to get away...even for a few days. We stayed with Zac's cousin, Rachelle, so a shout-out to her for her hospitality! It was great to stay with family...especially with cousins who adored Logan! The only problem we had staying there was with Rachelle's two dogs. Logan is terrified of small dogs and Daisy and Rudy are both Shih Tzus...so that didn't go over too well. That was until he figured out how to set off their invisible fence collars. He started chasing them around the house shocking them and laughing. Then who was terrified of who?

(We still don't have a working cable to our camera, so I can't upload any of MY pictures...so I stole these from cousin Kate. But I took one of them with her camera, so I totally have the rights to that one :-))

Anyways, Will and Tabitha's ceremony was nice...and the decor for the reception was BEAUTIFUL! And the food was delicious. A good time was had by all. Especially by Logan who never knew that big people food could be dipped in a chocolate fountain and made to be 8,000 more times delicious.

After the reception, we put Logan to bed and headed down to the Strip. We went to the M&M factory, the CocaCola store, and watched about an hour of the Bellagio water show...OF COURSE!!!! We walked through the MGM Grand and I lost a dollar to a slot machine. But it was still fun!

So yeah...a good weekend. But I'm off to bed...early aerobics tomorrow!!! And again, I promise pictures as soon as we have a way to get them on the computer!

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Mel said...

Is it just that you can't upload your pictures? What type of card do you use?