Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fun Guessing Game...

So my best friend Dani's brother Steve's girlfriend Mel (got all that???) had this fun game posted so I'm totally copying it because it was a lot of fun for me :-) The idea is to get people to guess what the song titles and artists are. If you have a guess, put the number and who you think it is in a comment. I've added the correctly guessed ones to a playlist if you're REALLY bored and want to listen :-) And maybe to make it interesting, I'll send a prize to whoever gets the most! So here are the "rules":

Step 1: put your iTunes on random.
Step 2: post the first line (or so) from the first 50 songs that play
Step 3: strike out the songs when someone guesses correctly (I'll italicize them)
Step 4: don't be a 'playa-hater', don't cheat

Good Luck!!!

1. Sometimes I feel like I don't have a partner
2. Well you're a real tough cookie with a long history
3. Come, come ye saints no toil nor labor fear

4. Babe, I'm leaving, I must be on my way/ the time is drawing near
5. She grew up in an Indiana town/ had a good lookin momma who never was around
6. O Holy night the stars are brightly shining (It was Charlotte Church, but I'll give it to you!
7. There was a time when men were kind/ When their voices were soft/ And their words inviting
8. And now I'm all alone again, no where to turn, no one to go to
9. My friend the communist/ Holds meetings in his RV
10. I can show you the world/ shining shimmering splendid

11. There were nights when the wind was so cold/ That my body froze in bed if I just listened to it right outside the window
12. I'm coming out of my cage and I've been doing just fine
13. Fly me to the moon, let me play among the stars (yes it was Frank!)
14. We've come a long, long way together/ through the hard times and the good
15. Looks like we made it/ look how far we've come my baby
16. Bad day, looking for a way/ Oh, looking for the great escape
17. Quando sono solo sogno all’orizzonte e mancan le parole
18. Every time our eyes meet/ this feeling inside me is almost more than I can take
19. Could you whisper in my ear the things you want to feel
20. You say yes, I say no/ you say stop, I say go go go
21. Cuz it's all in my head/ I think about it over and over again -Not Usher :-)
22. How does she know you lover her/ how does she know she's yours
23. Life ain't always beautiful, sometimes it's just plain hard
24. I'm so scared that the way that I feel is written all over my face
25. She's got a shack floatin' down the Pontchartrain

26. Skipping beats, blushing cheeks I am struggling/ Daydreaming, bed scenes in the corner café
27. Baby I've been waiting for you/ don't run away now, got nothin' to lose
28. You're in my arms and all the world is calm/ the music playing on for only two
29. Creek goes rippling by/ I've been barefootin' all day with my baby
30. It's a new day but it all feels old/ it's a good life, that's what I'm told
31. When I'm done with thinking, then I'm done with you/ When I'm done with crying, then I'm done with you
32. I am walking past the sprinklers and the newly painted porches and the lemonade-stand girls on a suburban afternoon

33. Sara spelled without an "h" was getting bored
34. The storm is calling but I don't mind/ People are dying, I close my blinds
35. When I get where I'm going/ On the far side of the sky
36. She's got you wrapped up in her satin and lace/ Tied around her little finger
37. Well I saw fireworks from the freeway
38. When the road gets dark/ And you can no longer see
39. In the club on the late night, feelin' right/ Lookin' tryin' to spot somethin' real nice
40. The thing about love is I never saw it coming
41. Silence and quiet again in my life/ Far form these moments I wish I was

42. 90 miles outside Chicago/ Can't stop drivin' I don't know why
43. Mother can you hold me together/ It's so dark and I'm losing my way
44. If I told you things I did before, told you how it used to be
45. I was nurtured, I was sheltered/ I was curious and young

46. The trouble with schools is they always try to teach the wrong lessons
47. Night/And the spirit of life calling/(Mamela)/And a voice/ With the fear of a child asking Mamela (This one is actually from the Broadway Musical, but whatever)
48. I heard you crying loud/ All the way across town

49. I haven't seen His face but I have seen His miracles/ I haven't heard His voice but His spirit speaks to my heart
50. I wasn't jealous before we met/ Now every man that I see is a potential threat

Well, that was fun for me at least!!! I'll give you a week before I reveal the missed ones :-)

(The bolded ones still need to be guessed, the italicized ones are done! Way to go so far!!!)


Savannah Olive said...

Ooh, I totally know some of these at least! Hooray! Let's see

2) Hit Me With Your Best Shot, by..uhh...Pat Benetar?
3) Come, Come Ye Saints
6) O Holy Night :)
7) It's from Les Mis...Don't know what it's called. I Dreamed a Dream or something like that.
8) Isn't this one from Les Mis, too?
9) Soak Up the Sun, Sheryl Crow (?)
10) A Whole New World, from Aladdin, the guy who sings it is like Brian Anderson? Something like that...
11) Celine Dion, It's All Coming Back To Me Now
18) Amazed, by Lonestar
21) Over and Over...Usher?
22) How Does She Know, from Enchanted :)
26) Goodnight and Go, Imogen Heap
33) Ben Folds, Zak and Sara
37) The Remedy, Jason Mraz
46) From Wicked..

Okay, so...I don't know as many as I thought I did. There are a few that I completely recognize, and I could sing a bunch of the lyrics, but I haven't a clue about title or artist.

That was fun! Love you! I think I'm gonna try it too...

Kathryn said...

I'll just do the ones I know (or my husband knows, haha) that Savannah hasn't done yet.

1. Steven says the first one is by Red-Hot Chilli Peppers, but he can't remember the name...
5. Last Dance with Mary Jane, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (he says he's pretty sure)
15. Still the One, Shania Twain
42. Someday We'll Know, I think it's called, I know it from the Walk to Remember soundtrack :)
46. from Wicked is Dancing Through Life!
48. By Green Day and from the CD "Dookie" but he doesn't remember the name

Cambo said...

1. Under the bridge - Red Hot Chili Peppers
2. Hit Me with your best shot - Pat Benatar
3. Come Come Ye Saints - Mormon Tabernacle Choir (?)
6. Oh Holy Night - MoTab (?)
9. Soak Up The Sun - Sheryl Crow
10. A Whole New World - Aladdin (?)
11. All Coming Back To Me - Celine Dion
13. Fly Me To The Moon - Frank Sinatra (?)
14. Praise You - Fatboy Slim
15. ? - Shania Twain
17. Con Te Partiro (Time to say goodbye) - Andrea Boccelli
18. Eww. I hate this song. Sorry.
20. Hello Goodbye - The Beatles
I'm getting tired now, so i'm not going to try as hard to remember for the rest.
34. Keep Breathing - Ingrid Michaelson
50. Lay All your Love on Me - ABBA

Tess said...

49) Hilary Weeks, Still Believe
(Everyone else already said the ones I recognize)

Cambo said...

I don't blame you for forgetting me. I was only your favorite person named Cam Williams in Spanish 105 (or whatever the crap that was). Sorry, I stalk your blog from time to time.

Dani said...

I don't know any of them cuz I'm retarded. I couldn't tell you the title or artist of any of the songs on my ipod!

Mel said...

Darn! I knew so many! Too late...

19. "Slide" - Goo Goo Dolls
47. Theme from Lion King 2(I think He Lives in You)... by the way I LOVE THAT MOVIE

Mena said...

36. Dixie Chicks “I Can Love You Better”

debbie said...

35. When I get Where I'm Going - Brad Paisley?

Mel said...

Darn, I totally forgot that it was a reprise for the second one... and originally in the first :( fail