Thursday, December 4, 2008

Long Time, No Post...

I've turned into one of those annoying people that I despise. Yep. The ones who post like crazy and then seem to fall off the face of the planet. But deal with it.

There's just so much exciting stuff happening that I don't know where to begin. Or if I can begin at all. Huh? Well, Zac and I have a lot of exciting stuff coming up that we're keeping under wraps from various people. And it's probably not what you think it is. Ok, I'll let ONE secret slip.

WE'RE MOVING!!!!! We got the townhouse and we move in December 31st!!!! So why keep it a secret? Well, we are moving out of our current ward and neither one of us care to speak in Church. Which, as tradition in our ward has told us, is generally what happens when the Bishop finds out you're moving. He asks you to speak. So we're trying to avoid that one. And I almost think we're in the clear since like 6 other couples are also moving by the end of the month. Happy day!!!!

In other news? Logan is a freaking genius. This last week he got to spend a significant amount of time with his Aunt Savannah and I think all of her brains got to him. He now knows the song "Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam" ...and the appropriate arm movements. It's precious. She also taught him "What does the puppy say?" and he goes "WOOF!!!" And if that weren't enough, she says "What does a kitty say?" and he responds with a high-pitched "meow!" OH MY GOSH MY KID IS AMAZING!!!!

And Savannah didn't teach him everything...he now folds his arms for prayers, and keeps them folded until you say "amen." Thanks to a dedicated and patient mother :-)

So I hope that was a good enough post for now because, as usual, Logan is demanding attention. Love to you all!!!!


Brad and Hailey said...

Hey that's awesome that you guys are moving! Will you still be in Provo? Cute picture by the way :)

Steffy said...

You are moving! That ward won't be the same without you guys :) Now I won't be so "ward-sick" anymore.

Mena said...

My guesses for your other news:

A sibling for Logan
New job for Zach

Kathryn said...

So, does that mean you despise me? Sorry about that..I'm working on being more consistent. :)

The ward won't be the same, but I'm excited for you to get your new place!

Dani said...

Logan is AMAZING! I miss you. I also have guesses for your other news:

You've taken up street walking to make a little extra cash for your new apartment.

Zac got recruited for a secret CIA mission.

You were abducted by aliens.

Love you :)

Zac and Sarah Steele said...

Wow...Dani managed to get two of them right! But if I told you which two, I'd have to kill you.