Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Big Boy Bed...

When we moved, we were too tired to put the crib rails back on Logan's crib, so we put him in the pack-n-play for a few nights. Then when we finally were ready to put the rails back up, we couldn't find our tool kit. Ah, the joys of moving.

So Logan stayed in the pack-n-play for the last month or so while his crib still had the base assembled with the mattress on it (I think only Lisa and Dan will know what I'm talking about...thanks SO MUCH for the crib, guys. You rock my world!). Basically, it is a make-shift toddler bed. And a few nights ago, we decided to try it out.

We have now made it through four naps and (so far) three nights of sleeping big-boy style in a real bed! Naps aren't a problem...Logan actually goes down really well and just comes downstairs after a few hours when he is is done napping. Night time is a little different...but we're working on it. I rest my head on the bed until Logan is calm enough (i.e. not jumping on the bed, trying to get down and play with toys, etc) to fall asleep and I usually leave just before he nods off. It's usually about ten to fifteen minutes so it's not that big of a deal. And I'm praying that this is only temporary and he will put himself to sleep sooner rather than later.

As far as falling out of bed, it hasn't happened yet. Last night before Zac and I went to bed we did check on him and found him asleep in front of his door, but that definitely wasn't from falling out. I moved him right back into his bed and he didn't stir one bit. And then tonight, it was vice-versa. When I left the room, Logan perked right up and started banging on the closed door and cried a bit. Then when I went up 20 minutes later expecting him to be asleep on the floor, I found him in his bed wrapped in his blanket, snoring away. So far, so good!

In other news, I had a baby appointment on Friday. Everything is looking great so far. I opted for the triple screen blood test and should get the results by the end of this week. I also set up the ultrasound appointment...March 4th! That will be 20 weeks and 4 days. And no, we're still not finding out the gender. Deal with it!!!! It is way more fun...and I recommend everyone do it at least once!

Well, I have a ton of homework for the crappiest class ever...English Grammar. But all I need to do is pass. C's get degrees, right?!?!?!

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Cel and JP said...

We we decided not to find out our first baby's gender and it was the best surprise EVER! It was so much fun, we've decided to be surprised for all our kids' births. The only thing that was annoying was how annoyed people would get when I would tell them we were waiting to be surprised. As if it was their decision in the first place? sheesh! Oh, and as another bonus, you get better shower gifts when people don't know if you're expecting a boy or a girl... but that's not why we decided to be surprised ... really, it isn't :)