Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Blond Moment Times Two...

One of the things that is great about my relationship with my husband is we tend to balance each other out. When one of us is upset or stressed, the other is usually upbeat and happy and cheering the other up. When one is sick, the other is perfectly fine taking care of the house, and Logan, and the sick spouse. And when one of us is being stupid, the other usually is able to back up the brain power. But tonight, we were clearly both off.

I went to Theresa's for dinner when Zac called me to say that he, in fact, would need a ride to work. I debated leaving Logan to play with Parker while taking Zac to work, but it was already after 8:00 so I figured the best idea would just be to pack up and head home to pick up Zac. We said our goodbyes and drove home. When we got home, Zac jumped in the car, and I took him to campus where he would be working until 1:00 am. Well, when I left campus and started the drive home, a thought occurred to me and I called Zac:

Me: Can you answer a question for me?
Zac: Sure. What's up?
Me: Instead of me driving all over the place, why didn't you just take the car so you'll have a way to get home at 1:00?
Zac: Wow. We're retarded.
Me: Pretty much.

So I'm at home with a sleeping baby and a car that I don't have to take anywhere, while Zac is at work and will probably end up walking 2.5 miles home 3 hours from now.

And we both feel like doofuses. But doofuses in love, none the less.


Dani said...

heehee, I love you guys. Good thing Mat and I are such smarties and don't have moments like that. How embarrassing.

Mena said...