Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day 2009

I lucked out this year...I had two guys vying to get me as their Valentine:

And they both started early. When They picked me up from class on Thursday, Logan gave me a bouquet of a dozen red roses. Not wanting to be showed up by his son, Zac brought home another dark pink dozen on Friday when he came home from work. And then they both decided they could share me, so they went out Saturday morning and got me a THIRD dozen that were light pink AND a giant balloon (though I'm pretty sure Logan has claimed the balloon as his).

I'm pretty lucky!

And then the best part of V-Day: the food. For breakfast, we had "bullseyes" (toast with a hole in the middle filled with a fried egg). I didn't get a picture, but we used heart-shaped cookie cutters for the center. They were adorable. Then we had a heart-shaped pizza for lunch:

And instead of going out for dinner (we figured it would be way too busy), we made plans last week with our friends Thomas and Theresa (and their boys, Parker and Evan). I made chicken french with penne and spinach and Theresa made this amazing frozen strawberry dessert. Topped it off with a bottle of Cranberry-Apple Martinelli's and it was a WONDERFUL evening with great friends. Hope yours was just as special!


Mel said...

You ARE lucky! I just had one boy... I think he made up for it though ;)

We always called that toast "bird's nests."

Glad you had a fun day!

Dani said...

Um, it's call "toad in a hole"! I'm so glad you had a good v-day. I was sick all day so we didn't go anywhere. Mat did buy doughnuts though. :)