Thursday, March 25, 2010

Random Thoughts...

...since it's Thursday. I feel like Maybe should start doing a "Random Thoughts Thursday" post. I've seen it around. They make me laugh. So here goes:

1. Work was slow today. Compared to the other restaurant, work always seems rather slow. So instead of standing around, I played ping pong for about 20 minutes. I really enjoy my job.

2. I'm starting to fall in love with "BabyLegs" leg warmers. Zac always puts Miss K in jumpers and dresses and I'd love some of these to keep her little legs warm. So I'm trying to win some from Thrifty Northwest Mom.

3. Logan has decided he likes pooping in the potty when he gets a prize. He has gone three times in the last three days. He just decides he wants whatever the prize of the day is (recently it's been Wall-E and Toy Story cutlery) and hops on the potty and goes. Maybe there will be an end to the diapers after all.

4. We still haven't heard back from any of the companies Zac has interviewed with recently. We're pretending that "no news isn't necessarily bad news." I mean, they haven't said no so...maybe he's still in the running???

5. Kaylee puts everything in her mouth. I mean EVERYTHING. And she chokes on it most of the time, too. I don't remember Logan putting so much stuff in his mouth. I mean, I guess he would, but then he would spit it out when he realized he couldn't eat it.

6. Jada Pinkett Smith has a band. It's called "Wicked Wisdom" and they claim to be a metal rock band. I don't necessarily like them. I just think it's random that Jada Pinkett Smith is in a metal rock band.

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Tina said...

I think those baby legs are pretty darn adorable. Our cold season here is pretty short-lived, though, so while I'd like to get or make some, it'd be too warm for them here. theidearoom had a good idea for making them (cheap!). She basically cut the feet off a pair of knee high socks in a cute pattern and hemmed up the end. Super cute!