Saturday, June 23, 2007

It Actually Happened!!!!!!

Ok, so I had my doubts, but all that waiting was totally worth it! So for those of you who ar not aware yet, little Logan was born at 2:41 Thursday afternoon. But I'm getting ahead of myself...

So Wednesday night, the hospital called and told us that I was first up to be induced Thursday morning. So Daddy Zac and I headed out to the movies to celebrate our last night of not being parents (Ocean's was pretty good). Then we came home and Zac finished up his finals for Spring Term since they were supposed to take place Thursday afternoon. But seeing as how we knew we would be a bit preoccupied, his professors were more than willing to let him do them early. So after spending several hours in the HFAC working on his storyboards, he came home, wrote his final paper, and joined me for a "restfull" night's sleep.

Yeah. Right. Like we could sleep. So Thursday morning, the hospital called at 8:15 and said to be there in an hour.

9:15 - Arrived at American Fork Hospital
9:20 - Dr. Smith broke my water. NASTY. Dilated to a 5.
9:25 - Got poked with lots of needles to try and get the stupid IV in, started Pitocin. OW.
10:50 - I could handle the contractions, but I was being awefully mean to Zac (Think about the Mad About You episode). So for his sake, I got the epidural.
11:05 - Fell in love with the Epidural Man...almost proposed marriage. Then I remembered I was having someone else's child.
12:00 - Zac fell asleep and I tried at the encouragement of the Nurse, but again, Yeah Right. Like I could sleep. Dilated to a 6.
1:45 - Baby started freaking out a bit, so I had to wear a stylish oxygen mask. As if the IV wasn't annoying enough, they slapped a mask over my face. Dilated to a 9.
2:00 - Got sensation back in my right side...pushed the epidural button...recalled previous lovey feelings for Epidural Man. Then dilated to a 10!
2:20 - The Nurse decided I should start pushing. 3 pushes later, she changed her mind when the baby's head was just about out and the doctor wasn't there yet.
2:41 - Dr. Smith delivered a 9 lb 10 oz, 21-inch long baby, and Zac got to say the magic 3 words we've been waiting to hear:

"It's a Boy!!!!"

And he's doing just great!!!!!!


Aunt Karen said...

Congratulations! We are so happy for you. Can't wait to see you all.

Benjamin said...

Congratulations!!! I hope you are enjoying Logan a lot and that he is being a really good little sleeper. Lilly, our baby girl also arrived on the 21st:)! Good luck with everything! I'm excited to read more updates and hear about all your parenting adventures.


Bethany said...

He is beautiful!! I'm so happy for you both! I loved the play by play, and for your sake and Zac's, I'm glad you didn't leave him for the epidural man. Post more photos and updates when you can, I'm going to stalk Logan like crazy!

Love you!