Sunday, June 10, 2007

Well family, here it is...

So we had a webpage that most of our friends could view that had all sorts of pictures and everything that kept them updated on our lives. But in order to view all of that fun stuff, you had to have an account. Not so fair for everyone else. So my wonderful friends Marie and Ben suggested setting up an account here so everyone could be in on our lives. So here it is!!!

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delooze zoo said...

heyy guys!!!! how exciting is this! by the time you get to read this, you will have made Jaylene a grannie for the first time!!! (trust me, she'll love u and hate u for that, its nice to have grandkids, but beign known as a granny??? somehow it doesn't feel sexy!)

sarah i still have the little bluevelvet star box u gave me when u got baptised, its sits amid a pile of clutter on my dresser/desk/birthplace of the next bestseller/shelf for odd socks and broken toys....u get the picture!

sending a picture of us from a few months ago, can u believe how big the boys are??? Jed will be ten in August & Morgan was six in feb....

good to hear from u! keep us posted...yippee, the baby's on it's way (i hope!)