Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ok, this is getting ridiculous...

So Grandma Jaylene came and went. Still no baby. We took her to the airport this morning around 6:00 am and sent her back to New York. Naturally, I felt horrible. 11 days she was here, hoping to meet her first grandchild and planning on helping me recover, and she had to leave before any of that happened. There was a slight glimmer of hope when the lady at the ticket counter told her the flight was overbooked, however. So she went through security and Zac and I waited for her to call to say "Hey, come back and get me, I'm staying 'til Friday!" However, no such luck. And come to think of it, she should be touching down in Rochester momentarily, so I hope she had a safe and enjoyable flight, at the very least.

So following our trip to the airport, we had another appointment scheduled with Dr. Smith. The appointment was scheduled at 10:00, so we were there at 9:55. By 10:30 they called us in and I was LIVID. I was having a bad day anyways, having just sent off Zac's mom, I was really upset at having to wait 45 minuted to even get into the office. So there I was, tearing up, and the nurse took us back to the exam room. She took my blood pressure, which was at a whopping 150/90. Naturally it was skyrocketing because I was pissed. So she suggested that she'd take it again in a few minutes. So then we had another ultrasound, to make sure everything was ok with the baby. It was, so no worries there. But then stupid me had to go and ask the tech how big the baby was, if she had to hazard a guess.

Tech: Do you really want to know?
Me: Yeah.
Tech: Ok, well, keep in mind I could be off by up to a pound and a half up or down.
Me: Ok.
Tech: I'm currenly showing 9 lbs 9 oz.
Me: ***** [edied for content].

So basically, best case scenario, I'm looking at delivering an 8 lb baby on Thursday. Worst case? That ups it to over 10 lbs. I think I might die. However, there was an upside to this visit. I will, without a doubt, be induced on Thursday the 21st. And because I'm already dilated so far, Dr. Smith told me that after I'm admitted, they will start an IV of fluids and, even before they start the Pitocin and break my water, I can get my epidural. So I could have a potentially pain-free delivery right from the start. I guess there is a bit of justice in all of this waiting after all. But we'll see how all of that goes...and who knows. This could very well be my last update while still pregnant!!!! Keep checking in!!!!

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