Sunday, November 25, 2007

Family, Fun, and Guns...

We made it back from Idaho! And we had a GREAT time. So here's the rundown of the weekend:

Thursday we woke up and started right in on Food prep...after all, we had like 30+ people to feed. I was in charge of rolls and used Grandma Myrtle's recipe. But I had to double it. And I lost track of how much yeast I put in, so after the rising time was up, the dough was over-flowing. It was AMAZING. But they turned out perfectly. So there's a picture of that. And there is also a picture of me eating, that's right, SQUASH. Just for you, Grandpa! And I didn't even have water yet to chase it down! Go me!!! Then, after dinner, in true Idaho fashion, we went outside and shot clay pigeons with some sweet shotguns. I even got to shoot a little!!! It was a ton of fun!

Friday was amazing. Well, Thursday night was! We went to Best Buy at 8:30 Thursday night. And camped out until it opened at 5 am. Logan got to stay all toasty warm in the van with a bunch of people watching movies. He didn't even seem phased by the whole experience. But we got some really spectacular deals and we only have one more person to buy for and our shopping is DONE!!!!! So then we came home and slept most of Friday afternoon. Zac's Aunt Jan was great...she watched Logan while I got to sleep for a few hours.

Then Saturday, we headed out at 7:30 am so we could be back for the "Holy War" football game between BYU and our super-evil rivals, The University of Utah. BOOOO, Hissss. So we made it home and watched the Cougars kick some serious Ute butt. After all, you can't spell suck without the U!!!! Hahaha...losers.

Well, all in all, Logan had a great first Thanksgiving. Love you all tons!!!!


BriAnna Jenkins said...

Well it sounds like you 3 had a way fun time! Although I do think you are crazy for camping out... I slept in my bed and got my lazy butt up early to fight the crowds though, so I'm not much less crazy than you. I am proud of us though! All those silly people who will be shopping Christmas Eve day... but not us!! Thank you for the compliment about our tree... we like it too. We are just enjoying having a pretty tree until we have kids coming along and have to hang up all those crazy popsickle stick ornaments. =)

Benjamin said...

Glad you had a nice break. Your rolls look amazing! Good job! Logan sounds like he was a real trooper, especially on Black Friday. Hope school and everything is going well.