Monday, November 12, 2007

Home and a Haircut....

So new stuff: I cut all my hair off!!!! It's so much fun. I actually style it again, which I'm sure makes my husband happy. And it makes me feel great, being all attractive. Or as attractive as I can get!!! there is a picture of me with the cutest baby in the whole world, pre-haircut, and one of my new short 'do!

More new stuff: (Integrated with kind of crappy stuff): We found out a few weeks ago that Zac's brother, Matt, and his wife, Erin, were expecting a baby in May. So the crappy stuff...they had a miscarriage. It was so sad, but it really made me realize how blessed I was to be able to carry and deliver my beautiful baby boy with no problems (other than his stubborn lateness...).

And even more new stuff: Zac and I were planning on staying in Utah for Christmas, seeing as how we couldn't afford the $450 round-trip tickets home...yep, $450 EACH. That's what they were selling for when Jaylene bought tickets for Liz and Savannah almost a month ago. Then Matt ended up calling her, saying that tickets went down to $300 and that he and Erin were going home, too. Upon further inspection, they realized that the tickets Matt got were for the SAME exact flight as Liz and Savannah's. So that left Zac and me all alone here for Christmas (with the possibility of my parents flying out). So Jaylene, thinking solely of her grandson, I'm sure, called me up and informed me of the drop in price. Still, $600 was not in our budget this Christmas. So Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to us...the Steeles decided to get our tickets for us! WE GET TO COME HOME FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! We're super excited!

So I guess that's all for now...take care and we'll see you NEXT MONTH!!!


dancefamily said...

So I found your blog and I'm so glad I did. I haven't seen logan yet! He is so adorable! Congratulations...a little late but still. He's just perfect! I love his halloween costume. And I love the new hair cut! I'm giving myself till January till I chop mine's kindof a cleansing thing, huh? Not pregnant, body back to "normal", new hair cut!

Pam said...

Hi Sarah! WAY CUTE HAIRCUT!! I love it! You can totally add us to your "blogger buddies" ... but only if you spell SHAWN'S name correctly!! I like your blog. It's cute and Logan is SO adorable!!!!!!