Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sad Baby...

Clearly, Logan has been fussy lately. No, I'm being generous. Logan had been VERY UPSET lately. He has been going through screaming fits and doesn't know what to do with himself. The first time it happened was Monday, I think. He woke up at 2:30 am and screamed for about 45 minutes. He wouldn't nurse or take his binky. He just freaked out. So Tuesday morning came way to early for all three of us. I felt really bad for Zac...he had to get up at 7 for his 8:00 class. And then most of that day was spent crying and screaming. He was great for Aunt Savannah, though, while we were in class. Then as soon as I picked him up and headed home, he started crying again.

He slept somewhat better Tuesday night...he didn't wake up screaming until 8:00 am. Then he was fine until I left for class and was very sad while he stayed with his daddy. Wednesday evening was rough until he went to sleep, exhausted from all the screaming. Thursday was fine...until I left him with a sitter and had a girl's night out with Dani and Holly. Dani's cousin Lauren (and extremely attractive friend Eric) watched Logan and Dani's son, James. Apparently, Logan was an angel for the first 20 minutes while he slept. Then he screamed for them most of the rest of the time. I felt awful, but oh well.

Friday seemed to go ok...I took a mental health day and spent time with Logan (and Dani and James, again!). He was great. And today went well...even when Zac and I went to the movies and he spent time with Aunt Liz. He's a bit cranky now, but it's getting close to bath/bed time anyways. So I better sign off and get him all taken care of. Hugs and kisses to all!!!

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Benjamin said...


Sorry Logan hasn't been feeling great. It's really hard for me when I have no clue why Lilly is so mad. Very frustrating. She had a night this last week when she wouldn't sleep and wouldn't nurse. She seems to be doing ok now though. We still have no clue why.

Could Logan possibly be teething? Have you tried giving him a little Tylenol or rubbing your fingers along his gums? I bet you have. Silly comment. Anyway, good luck. You're doing great and don't feel bad about taking a breather and letting him cry a little if you need one! Keep giving that "sad baby" lots of love!