Monday, November 19, 2007

Promises, Promises...

So here's that video I promised. It's Logan eating for the first time! And I know it was like a month ago, but still. Here it is.

Aside from's Turkey Week!!!! Which actually means a lot of things. 1. We only have classes 2 days this week! 2. We're stretching our stomaches in preparation for T-Day. 3. I'm searching for Great Grandma Myrtle's Roll Recipe. 4. We're planning our Black Friday Shopping by searching through ad after ad. And 5. We're getting ready to trek up to Idaho!!!!

So the class thing: Tomorrow is actually a "Friday Instruction Day," which basically means Zac doesn't have class at all and that I have my American Novel class. I was supposed to have Spanish, too, but some how, our class talked our teacher out of it and she's giving us the day off. WHOOOO!!! The stretching the stomach thing: I made a fabulous pot roast today. I mean FAB-U-LOUS! The Grandma Recipe thing: I know I have it in a cook book somewhere. And I've heard rumors it's on the Frasier Family Website, but I don't really know the web address. So any help there would be appreciated. I'm sure black Friday shopping will have a post all of it's own, so we'll leave that for now. And Idaho...I'm really excited for this trip! We had such a good time last year. It will be different with the baby and all, but I'm still looking forward to it!

And last but not least, Logan now owns some pretty cute church outfits. Dani and I were sick and tired of all the cute, frilly girl dresses so we made a little trip to Burlington Coat Factory and spoiled our boys. They are 6-9 month suits, but the shirts are almost too small already. He has adorable clip-on ties, too. He's sooo cute I can't stand it.

Well, I've rambled on enough for now. Love you and miss you all!!! Only 34 days 'til we come home!!!


Benjamin said...

I'm amazed at how well Logan did at his first attempt with cereal! He was really trying to eat it up by the end and opening his mouth for more! Neither Eldon nor Lilly did that well on our first pass. He looks like he is doing great:). What a cutie! You really did get a handsome little baby. I hope you guys enjoy the vacation and Idaho. Happy Thanksgiving!


p.s. Thanks for the comment on my blog:).

Dani said...

Yeah for big boy food. You guys need some smaller spoons though. Hurry up and get back here. I miss Logan, and you guys too.