Monday, February 11, 2008

"Eruption of the Deciduous teeth...

esp. the phenomena associated with their eruption." That's the official dictionary definition of teething. Which is what is going on in the world of Logan this week. I was talking to my mother-in-law this afternoon and telling her how cranky and clingy Logan has been the past few days. She wondered if maybe his ear infection didn't completely clear up. And after I got off the phone with her, I thought about the low-grade fever he was running the day before yesterday, also wondering if it was a sign that he was still sick. Then we were chilling out and watching some Baby Einstein (aka Baby Crack) before I had to leave for class and he was chewing on my fingers. Then he chomped down and *OUCH* I was poked by something sharp. Sure enough, a tooth is actually coming through. Before when we thought there was a tooth coming in on the top, nothing ever poked all the way through. But now there is definitely something poky in there. So I hope this clingy thing passes when that tooth pops all the way through and that the ear infection is, in fact, gone.
Logan with his friend Parker while we were babysitting last week

Also in Logan news, he's still not quite crawling. And I'm still totally ok with it. But I don't think he is ok with it. He seems to get really frustrated that he can't move where and when he wants to. But I'm sure that will change really soon. He's also slowly venturing into the world of solid foods. We've been doing the jars of baby food for a while, but they aren't a huge hit. So recently, we bought these "finger food" things that are similar to cheerios. But the texture is a little different, they are flavored, and they dissolve a lot quicker, which is good because Logan tends to "choke" on them occasionally. And by choke, I mean he realizes there is something solid in his mouth so he coughs non-stop for a few seconds. But we're getting there. Logan also appreciates it when Zac shares whatever he is eating. Tastes of yogurt, bread from his sandwiches, and here, Sourpatch Kids. They're those sour gummy candies. I love the moment Logan realizes that they are sour...and the fact that he wants more. He cracks me up.

News in the world of Sarah? Well, it's kind of exciting, actually. A few weeks ago, my friend Dani said there was a contest announced on the Ellen Degeneres show. Basically, write in and win a car and a road trip to see the show. So we wrote in. But knowing we probably wouldn't win, we came up with a contingency plan. Take a road trip and see Ellen anyways! The only thing is, tickets are really hard to come by. But Dani researched it and we each applied for different days in March. And she got a call-back today...we got tickets!!!! Whoo!!!! So the next few weeks will consist of road-trip planning. I'm pretty excited!

In family news, we have next Monday off of school, so Zac, Logan, Savannah, and I are going down south to St. George to visit Grandma Edie and Grandpa Jerry who are spending the winter there. It's going to be in the 60's all weekend, so it should be wonderful! We're also hoping Zac's cousins will venture there, too, so we get a chance to see everyone. But we'll have a great time either way! I can't wait to get out of the snow and Provo for a few days! Well, love you all!!!

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Sara said...

Watching Logan eat those sourpatch kids made my mouth water! It was weird. What a cutie!