Thursday, February 21, 2008

Oh, Deer...

So Provo has been overrun with deer the past few weeks. Which is kind of crazy because we live in a fairly large city. But apparently, the deer are running out of food in the mountains, so they wander down here. And since our apartment complex is fairly close to the mountains, this seems to be their first stop. It was cool at first, because even though I lived in Bloomfield and saw deer on a daily basis, the only time I had seen one really up-close was nicking one with my bumper. So these deer are fearless. Zac came home one night and there were three deer on our sidewalk. They were eating the bushes and wouldn't move to let him by. He ended up hitting them with snowballs to get them to move! Then the other night (at like 1 am) I was drifting off to sleep and I heard them outside our window again. Literally right outside our window. So I snapped some pictures. They are a little grainy because I had to keep the flash off to keep it from reflecting. But they were like 3 feet away from me. And as long as they stay away from the front end of my car, I don't mind them hanging around!

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