Thursday, April 9, 2009

Homework, Doctors, and Hospitals, Oh My...

So last night while worrying about Logan, I forgot that I had astronomy homework due.
Fortunately, Zac's brother, Jon, texted me to ask if I had done it.
Unfortunately, he didn't text me until 11:30 and the homework is due by the end of the day Wednesday.
Fortunately, they don't actually collect the homework until Thursday mornings, so I got up super early and turned both mine and Jon's in before anyone knew the difference.

Then when I got home from running to campus, Logan had just woken up and was calling for me.
Fortunately, he wasn't wheezing anymore.
Unfortunately, his temperature was back up to 103 under his arm (meaning 104).
Fortunately, there was a nurse to talk to when I called the doctor's office.
Unfortunately, with Logan's history of pneumonia, she said I should bring him in as soon as possible.
Fortunately, there was an opening about an hour from then.

So I gave him more Motrin and we hung out on the couch watching Playhouse Disney until we left for the doctor's.
Fortunately/Unfortunately, Logan's fever didn't go down too much by the time we went back to the exam room. Fortunate for me so I didn't look like I was overreacting, but unfortunate for him...he was the one with the fever.
Fortunately, no ear infection or strep
Unfortunately,that meant something else was causing the fever.

Next stop was the hospital for chest x-rays to possibly confirm pneumonia again.
Unfortunately, being pregnant, I couldn't be in the room to hold him.
Fortunately, the chest x-rays were clean so it's not pneumonia.
Unfortunately, that means something else could be wrong, causing the poor little guy to have a 104 degree fever for more than 24 hours.

So the doctor said to keep him on Motrin/Tylenol to keep the fever down, but if it keeps spiking tomorrow, she would like to get some blood work done to rule out anything really serious.

This evening he was doing pretty well...he played with Zac while I was at class and was still in good spirits when I came home and brought Aunt Savannah with me. Then the Motrin started to wear off and his fever went back to 102.5 under his hour before I was supposed to be able to give him more. So he cuddled with Savannah while I did her taxes, then started falling asleep on her. So I pumped him full of more Motrin and we put him to bed.

We shall see what tomorrow brings...


Sara said...

Maybe he's turning into a warewolf.

Brad and Hailey said...

Poor baby boy! Hope he feels better soon and gets rid of his silly fever!

D said...

Poor baby! I hope they figure it out fast and fix it fast too.