Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Went to the doctor's on Monday. Took the glucose test. My blood sugar was way too high. So I had to go back yesterday for the "three hour" test.

Three hours my butt.

I stopped eating at 8:30 Monday night and made it in to the doctor's for my fasting blood sample which was 76 (80 being normal). Then I drank the nasty drink again and had my finger pricked a second time, an hour later. That time my sugar level was 177 and the normal is 120. So I had to go back a third time. This put me at 12:10 and I still hadn't eaten since the night before. At this point, I was irritated. And I didn't want my fingers poked anymore. But an hour later, they did it again. And my blood sugar should have been back down to 105. It only dropped two points to 175. Even for gestational diabetes the level should be about 165. So that was cool. the last finger poke was at 1:10. The nurse told me if my sugar hadn't stabilized to about 90, I would probably be diagnosed with gestational diabetes. So she poked my finger and guess what me blood sugar read? 42!!!!!

Which meant a few things. No gestational diabetes. A worried nurse and a worried doctor. A shaky me because I hadn't eaten in 16 hours. And a sleeve of Oreos given to me to munch on. Logan was a fan of that last one.

So yeah the nurse kind of freaked and said, "that can't be right...hang on while I get the doctor." So the doctor (not my doctor, but a doctor in the practice)comes in and says, "are you feeling alright? Because a level that low would make most of us pass out." So I held up my hands and I was shaking a lot. And I was feeling a little hot and dizzy. So she gave me the Oreos and made me hang out in the waiting room for a while before I left. She didn't want me driving :-) She also wanted to test my sugar again but I pretty much refused to have my poor swollen fingers touched again. And after telling the nurse I hated her, I don't think she was willing to poke me again.

After about 20 minutes I felt better, so Logan and I got in the car and headed home. And I ate a ton of animal crackers, baked salt and vinegar chips, and chicken salad. It was delicious. Hooray for crazy blood sugar! I'm expecting a call from my doctor in the next couple of days to figure out what's happening, if anything. And I'm starting my two-week baby appointments...I can't believe how fast this pregnancy seems to be going compared to last time!


Brad and Hailey said...

Wow crazy! I get to take the test on Friday :) Brad keeps saying how good the Glucola looks in the fridge and how much he wants to drink it :) Hopefuly it'll still be there to take on Friday :) Hope everything's okay!

Mel said...

Crazy! I hope everything is okay :(

Mena said...

42 doesn't make me pass out. I am shaky, sweaty, tired, and in great need of food, but I walk just fine to the kitchen and get food :)

D said...

I hate gestational diabetes. I failed the sugar test with Kaden and then regulated my sugar just fine with my diet (secretly I don't think I had it but I enjoyed being able to get extra ultrasounds of Kaden to make sure he wasn't getting too big). Luckily I didn't have it with Asher- still had to take that stupid 3 hour test though. Blah!

Mel said...

How funny that this article pops up only a few days after you were wondering how you know when to take kiddos in:

Not that it's a cure-all, I just thought you'd find it interesting.