Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bree Biesinger Despain Rocks My World...

Through a friend of a friend, I have yet another favorite author. And not only is she amazing in the literary world, she is also pretty fan-freaking-tastic in the blogging/giveaway world, too. So in order to bump up my entries for her latest contest (which you can enter here) I am promoting her site, too.

I highly recommend you enter the contest for a chance to win "The Chosen One." My creative writing teacher from a few semesters back wrote it...and it's amazing. So amazing that it will blow your mind. While breaking your heart. And still leaving you with a sense of hope. And if you don't win it, I'll lend you my copy. Or better yet, buy a copy for yourself. Or, if I win the grand prize, then I'll send you one of the copies.

So when you go to her site to enter, make sure you leave a comment saying I sent you, so I get more entries. And again, if I win, I promise to send you the autographed copy of "The Chosen One." Cause I already have one.

Random, scatter-brained, 1:00 am thought over.

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D said...

haha I was just getting ready to post about Awesome Bree too! :)