Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"Oh It's Windy..."

My good friend Rachel Sheehan had this home video if her at about three years old and she was outside playing on her swing set. She's just doing normal childhood stuff and then this gust of wind blew her way and she turned and yelled "Oh it's windy!" The memory of that video has always made me laugh.

And boy was it windy here today. Well, sporadically, but ut was.

It hit 91 today and was really freaking hot. But around 4:00 when Zac went off to work, Logan and I walked him out to the car to say bye. It had cooled off significantly, with clouds on the western horizon, so we decided to stay outside and play for a while. Logan's friend, Lydia, also came out to join us. They played on Savannah's exercise trampoline, threw some pine cones around, and were riding up and down the sidewalk on some of Logan's push toys. While they were playing, I decided to call my mom and tell her I got my diploma in the mail today. (Side note: I GOT MY DIPLOMA IN THE MAIL TODAY!!!) So while I was talking to her, the kids wandered down to the end of the building and were playing under some willow and pine trees. I could still see them, so I wasn't concerned.

Until the wind picked up.

This huge gust of wind blew by and literally knocked Logan off his feet. I started walking over to make sure he was ok while he stood up. Then another huge gust came by and not only knocked him back down, but flipped him over! The same gust literally picked little 3-year-old Lydia up off the ground while on Logan's fire truck, too. So I said something along the lines of "Holy crap Mom, I'll call you back," hung up, and ran over to grab the kids. When I got to them, I just grabbed them and held on tight. Without the building there to block the wind, it was INSANE!!!!! Then I saw my neighbor run out of the house looking all frantic and searching for her daughter. I yelled to her and she ran over and was almost knocked over by the wind herself. So the two of us managed to get the kids inside, but not without being pelted by pine cones and small tree branches first. Thankfully, no injuries to report. Just traumatized kids.

Well, turns out (according to the news) it was officially a "dry microburst" that hit us at about 70 miles per hour. There was one reported up north of us in Centerville, too.

And the funny thing? We never got any rain.


Brad and Hailey said...

Wow that's insane! Glad the kids are okay.

Dani said...

oh man! That's the craziest thing over! Reminds me of that time we went to wicked. You know, wind-Dorthy-witches-OZ.

Mike and Cambra said...

and said something along the lines of... hahaha